Sewing fabric hearts yourself – simple and creative DIY ideas

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas

 Creative DIY Deko - sewing fabric hearts yourself

Hearts are cute and very popular as deco items or fabric patterns. Everything that is in the shape of a heart or decorated with heart patterns is romantic and a symbol of love and deep sympathy. Are you also "plagued" by these feelings, or do you just want to lovingly decorate your home, do not hesitate and make decoration hearts in a variety of shape variations (sometimes longer, sometimes round ...) shades and patterns.

I like to teach you, like you Sew fabric hearts yourself can. It's fast, easy and fun. Already looking forward?

Sew colorful deco hearts made of patterned fabric


sewing fabric hearts yourself crafting ideas fabric samples fabric remainders hand sewing

Express your feelings freely and make a cute fabric heart for your loved one

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas dot patterns remainders

Everything homemade is highly valued and can prove to be the best gift

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas flower patterns hand sewing

Hand sewn hearts, filled with cotton wool and simply provided with a love message

heart of hearts sewing craft ideas funny fabric patterns

DIY Stoffherzen - a simple craft idea with great effect

Sweet hearts are light and easy to sew. You do not need to have a lot of sewing skills. Everybody can Sew fabric hearts yourself! They also!

Honestly, my sewing machine is dust-covered, but even if you do not have any, you can sew beautiful heart by hand. First you need to cut out a template in paper or cardboard heart shape. Determine the exact shape of your deco heart and record it. Place the cut out heart template on the left side of the fabric and transfer the shape to it with a chalk / pen.

What is needed:

♥ Paper / Cardboard, Pen and Scissors for the Heart Mask

♥ fabric or fabric remnants (linen, cotton, felt ect.) - may be colorful patterned or monochrome

♥ filling wadding (pillow filling, cosmetic wadding, etc.)

♥ needle and thread (if available also sewing machine)

♥ Decorative elements such as colorful buttons, satin or lace band

Stoffherzen Instructions - Watch this sample video and get started!

Colored fabric heart made of felt decorated with buttons

fabric hearts yourself sewing craft ideas from felt hand sewing buttons

Felt is the craft material par excellence. Its edges do not need to be serged, which makes it relatively easy to handle.

Beautiful decorations can be tinkered with it. Take a look at the following examples and draw cool deco ideas out of it!

Make owls, hearts and leaves out of felt and use them as a wall decoration

creative crafting ideas fabric hearts make deco items yourself

The color combination is up to you

sewing fabric hearts yourself crafting ideas made of felt deco items yourself

The felt heart is easily sewn in a few steps: cut out two times fabric in any shape of heart and sew right hand by hand, leave an opening 2-3cm and stuff the heart with cotton wool, then sew together. To make the heart hang beautifully, think of the satin ribbon and sew it in the middle.

Sew on decorative items made of colored felt fabric yourself

fabric hearts sewing craft ideas made of felt deco products

 Linen fabric decorative heart with seam allowance to the outside - hand-sewn and beautifully decorated

sewing decorative hearts yourself sewing craft ideas

This is how it works if the seam allowance is to remain inside: Place both fabric remainders right to right and draw the heart stencil on the left, then cut the fabric twice with one centimeter seam allowance. Sew the heart around the line by hand or with a sewing machine and leave a small opening (as voz shown in the video). Cut back the seam allowance, turn the fabric around and stuff it with stuffing. Close the seam and you're done, you have a nice fabric heart as the end result.

Sewing deco fabric hearts yourself - how does that work?

decorative heart of hearts sew craft ideas pincushion deco ideas

Cut the fabric edges with a zig-zag scissors

creative crafting ideas heart of hearts with letters

Simple craft ideas made of felt in heart shape

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas made of felt fabric colored zebra pattern

Black and white felt heart decorated with a flower of the same fabric

fabric hearts sew homemade craft ideas from felt hand sewing black white

 Do you remember these stuffed hearts at Christmas cookies?

Decorative heart of fabric itself sew craft ideas from fabric leftovers

 Self-sewn fabric hearts are suitable for wedding decorations as well as for Christmas decorations

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas felt buttons

Tinker autumn decoration with pine cones

sewing heart of hearts by yourself christmas decoration making deco ideas

Long fabric hearts with sewn button in the middle

decorative hearts of hearts sew buttons fabric patterns craft ideas

Patchwork fabric hearts, which are also great for pincushion

fabric hearts sewn craft ideas fabric sample