16 useful pool landscaping tips in the garden

Lazy river in the garden 2 levels

 Pool landscaping in the garden unites the family


Having a pool in the garden can be a great challenge, but also the greatest pleasure. With a pool design in the garden you invest in the health and future of your entire family.

Here we have arranged 18 steps chronologically to give you maximum help if you are planning something like that.

Enjoy our pictures of great pools and let yourself be inspired!

enjoy your life

garden pool next to sea build palms

1. Determine your pool design in advance: Consider what a Pool design in the garden You want and what size your pool should have.

Do you want a rectangle pool?

If the pool is to be e.g. have a kidney shape?

Do you also want to integrate SPA to the pool?

Do you have enough space in your garden?

Build several pools in the garden

large pool areas in the garden exterior

2. Think about your budget! Pools are a complex project, which continues to require maintenance.

LED lighting in purple

led lighting granite flooring

3. Consider the basis! Vinyl pools are the cheapest. The rest of the article focuses on this type of pool.

Luxury pool with waterfall

luxury pool in the garden

4. The time it takes to build this DIY Vinyl Pool is about two weeks.

Pool design in the garden with extraordinary decoration

Pool design in the garden decoration

5. You need a permit.

With jacuzzi and fireplace

pool design in the garden jacuzzi fireplace stone

6. Dig out your pool hole. Take good care of the dimensions!

Pool with roof

Pool design in the garden canopy

7. Install the wall supports.

Outdoor pool with stone edging

outdoor pool build border with stones

8. Start fumbling out the pool.

Comfortable atmosphere next to the pool

outdoor pool with bar sitting area fireplace

9. Integrate a lighting niche.

Bars by the pool

Pool in 2 levels in the garden build bars

10. Fill the areas around the pool.

Pool over the floor area

pool above the ground

11. Lay concrete on the ground and install the slopes.

Rectangle pool design in the garden

rectangle pool design garden high plant beds

12. Install the pump and filter.

Round outdoor pool

Round pool design lying in the garden towels

13. Clean the pool and install the sealing rings.

Round pool with wooden walkway

Round pool in the garden

14. Mount the pool foil.

Black pool

black pool in the garden granite flooring

15. Fill the pool.

Magnificent waterfall

Build waterfall in the pool

16. Cut out the fittings.