Honeycomb wall shelf – a cool DIY idea for your home

wall shelf honeycomb form of dark wood

DIY wall shelf in honeycomb shape - creative idea for your home

Are you thinking about how to build an original and practical wall shelf yourself? Then this nice, unique honeycomb shelf would be perfect for you. This DIY idea is very easy to implement and will provide a dynamic, structural variety and a natural touch in any room or hallway.

This will not only make your empty wall very functional, but also provide for the good mood in the house - this creative shelf almost always brings a warm smile on your face.

Making a honeycomb wall shelf yourself - what do you need?

  1. chop saw
  2. Wood screws or tapping screws size 1 1/4 "(32 mm)
  3. Drill and Drill Insert (The drills should be a bit smaller than the screws)
  4. spirit level
  5. Orbital sanders or sandpaper
  6. Tape measure or folding rule
  7. Wall holder, pencil
  8. three fence boards or other matching wooden planks from the hardware store

Tools and materials

wall shelf tools and equipment

Measure the boards in peace and cut

wall shelf wooden boards measuring and cutting

You will need a total of 15 pieces of wood. Each piece must be 30 cm long and cut at 30 degrees angle. This means that each new board will have a longer and a shorter side, as you can see in the picture below.

The side with the more beautiful grain is the shorter one - it will be on the outside of the wall shelf

wall shelf single board

Follow the instructions and stick the boards together as shown

wall shelf forming the hexagonal shape

Finally, drill holes in the boards for the screws

Wall shelf with the drill

When the wall shelf is ready, you only need to sand it out with the sandpaper or the orbital sander

even wall shelf

Mount wall brackets where you want your honeycomb shelf

attach wall shelf to the wall

With the help of the spirit level, you can be sure that your wall shelf is standing straight and at the same time you can mark the place for the next holder. Secure again with screws and you're done!

Enjoy your work with a big smile

wall shelf three honeycomb fan

You can also hang the wall shelf in the hallway

wall shelf creative and original in honeycomb pattern

  This hexagonal shape is particularly stable and can easily withstand heavy objects

wall shelf stable also flowers and books

Flowers or books - everything has its place

wall shelf cut flowers and succulents

They were really hard-working like a bee, right?

wall shelf the vertical storage with style

Everyone will love your wall shelf

wall shelf hexagonal made of wood

Perhaps you already know that the hexagonal shape is one of the most stable forms of nature. If you have already built your first honeycomb shelf, you will convince yourself. Such a great wall shelf is also very suitable for your personal collection or your favorite flowers.