Home Decor Ideas in Tumblr Style

Home Decor Ideas – Designing the Apartment in Tumblr Style

Are you looking for great home decorating ideas in a youthful style? Yes, we will show you the most current ones at the moment! They are in style Тumblr. Do you know how it came about? This is the work of an American design portal, which has collected thousands of photos and thus models for current youthful design ideas. They were all different but were heavily influenced by pop culture and gained popularity.

Home decor Ideas in Tzmblr style for the youth room

Flat decorating ideas tumblr style youth room

Home Decor Ideas with Tumblr Style Decoration

flat design ideas tmblr design wall decoration ideas

In general, they all have more or less the same interior feel. Based on this collected material, designers around the world create their own creations. Furthermore, this portal is a wonderful source of ideas for many teenagers worldwide. Do you want to take a look as well? Maybe you manage to create your very own youthful and very up-to-date design in time for the new school year at home.

Create an atypical photo collage

flat decorating ideas deco photos tumblr

Indicators of style Тumblr

Due to the strange origin of the style, it is very difficult to describe it with certain characteristics. But there are some connecting characteristics between all elements and we try to convey them.

The focus is on the walls 

Home decor ideas tumblrstyle girl's room

The self-made ideas dominate. Crafts play a leading role. When decorating we focus mainly on the wall. In this style you will find a plethora of photo collages. Dominant are still various prints on the textiles, such as these on the decorative or bed pillows, for example. As role models you can serve magazines, titles and other book quotes.

  Vanité en bois et d'autres idées de salle de bain rustique

Throw pillows and fairy lights are also in question

home decor ideas youth room living ideas throw pillow

Use magazines as decoration

home decor ideas deco designs tumblr style magazines

The general character of this style of furnishing should be kept strict despite the variety, although it is colorful.

Break the rules and express your own character! Make something out of the already existing role models: So just some of the typical role models of Tumblr style have emerged, in this way you can imitate it in your interior. That’s why it’s suitable for teenagers, but it could also serve as an adult’s source of inspiration.

Create an accent wall full of photos

flat decorating ideas girl room photo collage tumblr

Do you like the role models? Do you feel inspired by your own furnishing concept?

Design a bedroom with your own character

Flat decorating ideas girl room tumblr style

Customize and decorate the bedroom

home decor ideas youth room tumblr fairy lights

Idea as you decorate the girls room

home decor ideas youth room wall deco tumblr style

Create a space with a personal touch

home decor ideas deco ideas home decor tumblr style

Stick photos and butterflies to the wall

home decor ideas tumblr style decor wall decor

Expressive wall design

Flat decorating ideas youth room design diy tumblr

Decorating ideas for the bedroom

flat decorating ideas youth room tumblr furnishing ideas wall design

Fairy lights create a nice atmosphere

flat decorating ideas youth room tumblr fairy lights

Decorate for Christmas

flat decorating ideas girls room deco ideas tumblr christmas

Create a cozy atmosphere

flat design ideas tumblr girl room design

Storage space idea for the books

flat decorating ideas tumblr style bookshelves

Frame photo collage wall in the living room

flat decorating ideas tumblr style living room wall decoration

Decorate the wall behind the stairs with photos

Home decor ideas tumblr style interior stairs open plan