Picture frames are a great help in decorating your home – 30 decorating ideas for your home

How to decorate your home with the help of picture bars

The moldings are not meant for family photos at all. You can use it to design your entire apartment. It even turns out that picture strips are in many cases cheaper than shelves and other similar devices.

Use picture frames to display accessories in the living room

picture frames deco living room colored throw pillow carpet

Picture rails are perfect for creating extra storage space

home decoration kids room design ideas picture frame

Use as exhibition area

Picture frames bedroom fashion rocking chair floor cushions

We have put together some successful role models from rooms with different functions.

Use of moldings in the home office

Two or three of these can make the wall look very different over your desk. In it you can distribute various books and other useful and decorative items. They are shorter than the usual shelves and there is no danger of overloading them. At the same time, they offer enough space for everything to be safely in its place.

Organize the home office

picture boards home office design ideas creative living ideas

moldings in the living room

In the living room we would position it over the sofa or couch. You can place them directly on top of each other or install them so that they overlap only slightly and together make up various interesting figures. Move the pieces of furniture a bit further to the front and there is a safe distance between your head and the picture rails, which are full of objects.

Decorating ideas for the living room

Bilderleisten Wohnideen Living Room Decoration Ideas

Scandinavian living room with murals

picture frames home decor living room deco throw pillow stripes scandinavian living

Nice wall design in the living area

home decoration picture frame living room living room

moldings in the children’s room

Some of the textbooks and notebooks should be more visible in the nursery than others. You could allocate this special storage space. moldings Right above the desk are perfect for this purpose.

Creative living ideas for the nursery

home decoration kids room decorating ideas picture frame design accessories

Keep books on the picture bar

Bilderleisten Wohnideen nursery books arrange

Increase the storage area

Bilderleisten Wohnideen Kinderzimmer carpet floor plant

Put through moldings Color accents in any room

Modern and monochrome room designs often need subtle, yet characterful accents. Picture bar designs whose color contrasts with that of the wall can achieve this effect.

More storage space on tricky spots

Tricky spots around windows, in corners or wall niches pose a problem in that they can be difficult to use for a meaningful purpose. With the integration of some moldings you can organize great storage space there.

Creative living ideas on how to keep the cosmetics

Home Decor Creative Ideas Cosmetic Storage

Spice up the dining room with murals

home decoration wall design murals storage baskets

moldings in the dining room

The dining room must be designed in a representative way. A part of the dishes could serve as a decoration in this at the same time. Raise its value through artful representation moldings out.

Decorate and illuminate the dining room

home decoration picture frame dining room fashion wood furniture

Use the moldings for the elaborate presentation of common objects

The moldings we automatically associate with a work of art. You can use this effect at home to make something special out of the storage space. If you have quite ordinary objects in such moldings distribute your own and inimitable character.

This type of design is perfect if you want to experiment with your own creative ideas and at the same time want to stay on the safe side.

Funny decoration ideas

picture boards decorating creative living ideas

Functional interior design ideas for the bedroom

Picture frames bedroom decorate white walls white sheets

Fresh wall design draws the attention to itself

picture frames murals decorating green wall

Combine white and dark blue in the bedroom

picture frames home ideas bedroom blue bedroom wall white bed linen

Organize the work well

home decoration home office fashion picture frame storage ideas

Stylish interior design ideas for the living area

picture frames living room set up wall decoration ideas green wall paint

Exhibit abstract works of art

home decoration picture frame accessories

Favorite photos as decoration

home decoration picture frame decoration ideas

Beautiful wall decoration in the dining room

picture wall decoration ideas family photos dining room decorate

Create picture gallery

Bilderleisten Wohnideen Exhibit family photos

Decorate with photos

home decoration wall design ideas picture frame design palette table

Show several family photos and pictures

home decoration wall design ideas long curtains

Combine pictures

home decoration wall design home ideas

Set up the small room functionally

home decor living ideas kids room high bed picture rail design

A homely bedroom frame

home decor living ideas bedroom picture frame orchid

Storage space ideas for the nursery

home decoration home ideas bedroom storage ideas

Embellish the hallway

home decor home interior corridor picture frame family photos