Decorating garden with old chairs that make the exterior seem

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Decoration Ideas Garden - Attention! Do not sit in this chair!

 Do you love plants and flowers? And are you a secret craftsman who likes to make something? We have a great suggestion for you that will certainly attract your attention. It's about how you can give a new life to something old and unnecessary with little money and a little effort.

In addition, you will delight your whole family with it, and at the same time fascinate the neighbors by their characteristics. Have we aroused your interest?

Vintage chair that has turned into a plant container

garden design deco ideas nest plant

Plant petunia

garden decorating white chair purple flowers

Rustic plant container

deco ideas garden wooden chair flowers nest

Old chair plant container

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Do you have old useless wooden chairs that you consider old and unnecessary? Do you intend to get rid of these? Do not do anything prematurely! In your garden these will find their right place. Although they no longer inscribe themselves indoors, they can fit the outdoor area perfectly. It is enough that you spend some diligence. So if you have a garden or patio, you can create a great decoration with these old chairs. On the balcony itself, these will be beautiful.

Different cactus species that are in an orange stool

deco ideas garden oranger wooden chair cactus species

Remove only part of the seat so that the flower pot can be inserted

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We're not talking about repairing the chairs, we suggest turning them into real garden beds. Decorating ideas garden There can be many, but these should also bring joy in you. In this case, the disadvantages of a broken chair to his advantage. Why, will you ask? Very easy! The main element of the most rapidly worn chair is the seat. There are also cases where the problem is with the legs, but that is not our concern now. And so, if the seat can no longer be used, then do not spend time repairing it. Better remove it. Then you need a suitable container where you can put the plant - a basket, a flowerpot or whatever it is. This you should put in the hole made. Of course, it is not necessary to remove the entire seat, but only a part of it, so that you plug in the selected planter. These flower pots could also be in the corner of the room or on the windowsill of the kitchen or on the balcony, but they would look much more attractive in such a setting!

That would be a fresh decoration idea for your garden

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Red chair as an attractive plant container that will refresh everything around you

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And if you have enough inspiration, you could make the old chair and make it as funny as you never dare to paint the walls of your home - with ornaments such as black and white. Flowers and butterflies.

White vintage chair that can take on the role of the plant container

garden decorating deco ideas white old chair plant

An original alternative to the plant pots are the so-called Neste, where you put plants. This is a compact method, because the nest can be made extra in the desired shape that fits perfectly in the chair hole.

A colored old chair can make the exterior look beautiful

deco ideas garden wooden chair nest flowers

And what plants should you plant? That is a question of your own taste. Those that you like and that you can easily maintain.

Such a deco idea for the entrance would only cause fascination

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However, if you do not want to do manual labor, just leave the seat in its place. What makes the chair look extraordinary is the flowerpot you pick. This can be an old tea kettle, a pot, a bowl or even a large teacup, and anything else you can think of. You will not lose any more time than to put a flower vase on the table.

To put a flower pot on the chair is enough attractive

deco ideas garden age chair flower pot on it

This deco idea with the old chair and the flower pot on it can also wonderfully complete the interior design. Consider such an idea! So, look around and see if you have the ingredients of this great deco idea, and put it into action! We hope it works!

A piece of furniture can be brought closer to nature 

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Give the garden a unique look

garden decorating blue chair plant

Decorate the old chair

garden decorate wooden old chair flowers stones

Create a real work of art

deco ideas garden elegant chair flowers

Paint the old chair in purple and put a flowerpot in it

garden decorating purple chair flowers exterior

Cover the old chair with green

deco ideas garden green chair blue design

That would be a beautiful appearance in the garden!

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