DIY lamp from wine bottles – creative decorating ideas

designer light up diy lamp wine bottle

 DIY lamp from wine bottles


Another one items this week we are dedicating the deco ideas for DIY lamp.

This time it's about those that you can make from bottles. Especially for smaller rooms, this is, among other things, a super fitting DIY decoration idea.

DIY decorative ideas for indoor and outdoor use

designer light up diy lamp from wine bottle

The steps you need to take are quite simple. We will describe these now and let them do it.

DIY lights from striped bottle

Illuminate DIY Table Lamp from Wine Bottle Colorful Decoration

Materials that you need for the decoration of bottles


Drill for glass

Eraser, with which one the Flaschenöcan umwickeln opening. So it is by die String not cut off.

A material that will support the bulb, such as cork.

Enchanting decoration for your apartment

DIY table lamp wine bottle decoration

Step by step to the great decoration of bottles

With a little plasticine we make a small ring, which we then attach to the bottle. So we can cool the bottle more easily. Because you have to do that to be able to pierce these.

The drilling must be done very slowly. Be patient.

If you have someone who works with glass, you should ask him to make the hole. If not, then you should buy special drills. Otherwise it does not work.

Now you have to do something to cut the bottle by die To avoid string. There are two alternatives here. One is with glass paper and the other - with a rubber for the faucet.

You can apply these with glue and then tie with something really tight. So the paper or the rubber will really stay tuned.

The rubber is black. Now you are ready to attach the light bulb and the conductive layer. You can do that Flaschenöopening close with a cork. So wiThey stand firmly enough.

The next step in the realization of the DIY decoration idea is to simply connect the cables to the STo attach to the place you find suitable.

Other types of DIY lights from bottles

Stunning chandelier

designer light up diy wine bottle chandelier

Now we want to show you some designer pieces from reused materials.

They are really chic and you do not even realize immediately that they are DIY. Amazingly beautiful, right?

Candlestick as decoration

designer lights diy from wine bottle candles

Great decorated bottle

light up diy from wine bottle great

DIY table decoration

diy lit wine bottle decoration with candles

Bottle with butterfly pattern

  Diy lamp from wine bottle candle

DIY lamp from wine bottle and fairy lights

Diy lamp from wine bottle fairy lights

Liquor and wine bottles

DIY lamp from bottle of liquor bottles

Black lampshade

diy lamp wine bottle black lampshade

Original DIY ideas for lights

DIY lamp wine bottle great decoration ideas

The world of light

Diy lamp colorful wine bottles

Green wine bottles

Pendant Lights DIY Lamp Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

Extraordinary pendant lights

Pendant lights DIY lamp from wine bottle decoration

DIY lamp - room decoration ideas

DIY lamp from wine bottle room decoration

DIY pendant lights

Unique DIY lamp made of wine bottle great decoration

Japanese style

Table Lamps DIY Lamp Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

Rustic chandelier

Unique designer light up DIY lamp from wine bottle

Designer lamps

designer light up diy lamp from wine bottle table decoration

Gift ideas

DIY lamp made of wine bottle as a gift

Nice decoration from wine bottles SET

DIY lamp made of wine bottle table decoration

DIY wall sconces

Wall Lamps DIY Lamp Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

DIY wall sconces in the outdoor area

wall sconces diy lamp wine bottle candle holder