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Bonsai trees breed and care for


Bonsai trees have been bred for more than a thousand years. The gardening, miniature trees and shrubs in small vessels to draw and maintain, originated in China and was known in the past under the name Penjing. However, the bonsai tree that we know today is the Japanese variant of this Chinese art form, which literally means “landscape in the shell”. The Japanese word “bonsai” also has the same meaning – “bon” stands for shell and “sai” – for plant. So bonsai is the art of pulling a plant or a tree in a small shell and shaping it aesthetically through regular cutting.

Today, bonsai art is also very popular in Europe and bonsai trees are often seen as beautiful decorative indoor plants. That’s why we want to be more clear on how to draw and properly care for a bonsai tree.

Bonsai tree – Let yourself be fascinated by the Far Eastern garden art!

Cherries bonsai care bonsai species garden ideas

First, we want to emphasize that a bonsai tree requires your patience and dedication. The end result is worth every effort. A bonsai tree creates a relaxing atmosphere and gives the interior a Far Eastern touch. The little tree cleans the air and can even give you fruit if you just have some patience …

Patience brings roses, or in this case, a beautiful, flowering bonsai tree

Sakura Bonsai buy beautiful bonsai species

Of course, you can simply buy a bonsai or pull one yourself by taking a clipping. In both cases, however, you need some knowledge of how to properly care for the bonsai.

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Irrigation, fertilization, light, pruning and repotting are the most important factors you should consider.

Bonsai care – watering

Never let the soil in the shell completely dry out. Water your bonsai tree regularly, but be careful not to spill it, as this will cause root rot.

Maintain bonsai properly

Sakura Bonsai care beautiful bonsai species decorative indoor plants

Bonsai care – fertilization

Since bonsai trees are planted in small shells, regular fertilization is of great importance. The fertilizer may be especially suitable for bonsai plants. But you can also use a popular fertilizer – mineral or organic, liquid or solid. The type of fertilizer does not play a significant role. Follow the instructions for use and make sure that the winter is a rest period for the bonsai (as well as for most plants). During this time, the bonsai needs less water and fertilizer.

All perennial and woody plants are suitable for bonsai

Tamarack Bonsai tree buy and maintain bonsai species autumn leaves

Bonsai care – repotting

A bonsai tree needs to be repotted about every two years. Of course, that depends on the type and size of the tree.

The shell must correspond well to the tree species 

Maple bonsai tree buy bonsai species

For example, bonsai trees such as pine are planted in rectangular bowls, and round and oval bowls are more suitable for flowering and delicately bonsai. The shell should not be too colorful and decorated and attract attention, but form a whole with the bonsai tree.

The bonsai form plays an important role in Asian culture

Maple bonsai care bonsai species gardening ideas

If your bonsai tree has grown big enough, then you can also prune and shape it. This is part of the art of breeding a bonsai tree.

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Learn more valuable information about the Far Eastern bonsai art from the video below …

Maintain bonsai trees properly

Bonsai trees are a chic room decoration

Buy bonsai tree and properly cultivate bonsai species

Arrange a small bonsai

Bonsai care bonsai cutting Feng Shui indoor plants

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