Owls Accessories – 50 gift ideas for all owl fans

Chic owl accessories spice up the interior


Owls have inspired nature lovers for ages. These mysterious birds are prized for their equanimity and beauty. And we are also big owl fans!

That's why we have a list of 50 Owls accessories put together for all those who love these majestic birds as much as we do. Here you will find everything: beautiful wall decoration, useful accessories for kitchen and bathroom, even sewn deco pillows and even some funny children's things. Do you fancy some inspirational deco ideas?

On cuddly owl pillows are not only children

Images Owls Accessories Decoration Ideas Pillow Owl

Cuddly soft and so cute - this sleepy, nocturnal cuddly bird would be a wonderful afternoon nap-friend. On cold winter days, you can also take a hot water bottle and just enjoy the homeliness.

Pillow with funny owls

Pictures owls accessories deco ideas living room decorating pillow owl

Or simply use as a living room decoration - these sofa cushions bring color into the room and refresh the otherwise boring couch.

Cushion covers with colored animal pattern

Pictures owls accessories deco ideas living room pillow owl

This owl pillow would be a wonderful gift for an owl fan who loves graphic prints.

Strong colors and graphic elements

Images Owls Accessories Sofa Cushion Owl graphic print

This is how the owl looks even wiser

Images Owls Accessories Sofa Cushion Owl with glasses

A whimsical gathering of blue birds 

Images Owls Accessories Sofa Pillow Owl Nature Inspiration

Open eyes!

Images Owls Accessories Decorative Pillows Owl Nature Inspiration

Such a cute owl baby! - just to fall in love

Pictures Owls Accessories Decorative pillow owl picture

Pillowcase in jute with colorful owls and trees

Pictures owls accessories deco colored owls pillow

The following 40 cm large and colorful pillows will definitely spice up your interior. They can be used as a cushion for children's chairs or as a soft headboard for cots. Or come up with more ideas.

Shaped as owls

Images Owls Accessories Nursery Deco Ideas Pillow Owl

Children are really happy about bedding with funny prints. Such a bedding set would be a great gift for your kid and a perfect way to freshen up the nursery design in no time.

These little owls will also go to school

Images Owls Accessories Crib Bedding Pattern owl

Owls in pastel colors

Images Owls Accessories Nursery Bedding Pattern Owl

Owls and other animals in the baby room

Pictures Owls Accessories Baby Room Bedding Pattern Owl

We continue with a great Badaccessoire. This practical yet decorative laundry basket would add a creative touch to your bathroom.

Wash baskets made of rattan in the shape of an owl
Deko Eulen Accessoires Dekoartikel Owl laundry basket

The Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland offers passionate collectors a chance to decorate their homes with eco-friendly wooden figures.

A beautiful owl from old wood

Decorative Owl Accessories Decoration Owl made of wood

Made of solid walnut

Decorative Owls Accessories Decoration Owl wooden abstract

Minimalist owl wood sculpture to match a Scandinavian interior

Deco owls Accessories Deco items Owl made of wood handmade

The owls below are an unforgettable symbol of the 60s. The owl by Paul Kohner Hansen has a mobile head that can turn and turn.

Curious owls

Decorative owls Accessories Decoration wooden owls Statues

Office accessories - an unglazed pencil holder 

Deko Eulen Accessoires Dekoartikel Owl Office AccessoriesDeko Eulen Accessoires Dekoartikel owl with glasses

Teelichter Holder

Deko Eulen Accessoires Decoration Eule candle holder Deko Eulen Accessoires Decoration Eule candlestick Tealights

This nocturnal bird will light your way through the garden at night.

Metal lantern with a flameless LED candle

Deko owls accessories Dekoartikel owl lantern

Decorative Owls Accessories made of porcelain

Decorative Owls Accessories Decoration Owls Pictures StudyDeko owls accessories Dekoartikel owls bookends

Bookends are still a clever idea for accessories in owl shape. The following bookends are made of bronze. They are 17 cm tall and weigh about 2 kg.

Bookends for all owl fans

Deko Eulen Accessoires Decoration Eulen Bookends Wohnaccessoires

Decorative glass vases with vintage flair

Deko Eulen Accessoires Dekoartikel Eulen glass jug

Incredibly soft and realistic are these two owl figures by Kurt Adler, which are about 13 cm tall - a nice addition to the example of a nature picture.

Cuddly soft decorative figures

Deko Eulen Accessoires Dekoartikel Owls cuddly softDeko Eulen Accessoires Decoration white owl cuddly soft

Salt and pepper shaker

Decorative owls Accessories Decoration owls Salt and pepper

These owls are indeed money boxes

Decorative owls Accessories Decoration owls Savings boxes

Owl planter - the size is just right for sturdy succulents or artificial plants

Deco owls Accessories Deco items Owls Succulent pot

Small decoration ideas with great effect

Decorative owls Accessories Decoration Owls Succulent plant pot

Creative wall decoration ideas

Decorative owls Accessories Wall decor Owls Succulent pots

This adorable tea set consists of a teapot, four cups and a colander - all with individuality and a hint of retro charm. The set was made in Japan.

Drinking tea can be very funny

Deco owls Accessories Deco items Owls Teapot and cups

This ceramic vase is a chic deco article even without flowers in it

Deko Eulen Accessoires Decoration Eule Porcelain Vase

This transparent glass vase also looks fantastic with or without a flower in it

Deko owls accessories deco vase owl transparent

The 3 owls pictured below are the three most famous owls in the world - a timid snowy owl, a powerful virginiauhu and a cute barn owl.

All three owls bow their heads in unison to the right

Deko owls accessories wall decor owls pictures

Creative wall decoration in the workplace

Decorative Owls Accessories Wall Art Owls Pictures Study

Decorate your entrance area with one or more owl key hooks.

Shiny aluminum key hook

Decorative Owls Home Accessories Decoration Owl Hooks for keys

kitchen timer

Decorative owls Home accessories Decoration items Owl kitchen timer

Soft light thanks to a ceramic lamp - small night lamps like these can be found in the bathroom, in the hallway or simply on the bedside table.

Owl night lamps for children and adults

Decorative Owls Home Accessories Decoration Owl Led Lamp Deko Eulen Wohnaccessoires Dekoartikel Owl bedside lampDeko owls home accessories decorative items owl wall lampDeko Eulen Wohnaccessoires Dekoartikel bedside lamp owl

Owl Kids Lamp - A noise sensor automatically turns on when the child wakes up and cries or calls for his parents. The lamp also turns off automatically after 5 minutes of silence. That would be a useful gift for young parents, right?

Does your child have a peaceful sleep?

Deko Eulen Wohnaccessoires Dekoartikel Eule bedside lamp nursery

 A spectacular LED lamp ideal as a deco z. B. for a computer desk 

Deko Eulen Wohnaccessoires Dekoartikel Owl novel bedside lamp

"Ulo" is an incredibly small surveillance camera that detects movement and automatically sends alerts to your phone. You will not find this super cute device on the market yet, but you can pre-order it.

Concealed security camera

Deko owls home accessories decorative items owl security camera

Owl doorstop 

Deko Eulen Home Accessories Decoration Eule Doorstop

The following owl USB pens are available in 16GB or 32GB size - a themed gift for a student or for a new employee in the office.

These little owl USB pens are going to be hard to lose

Deko Eulen Home Accessories Decoration Eule USB Pen