50 curtains in purple – sheer fabrics and feminine flair

curtains purple curtains window v bedroom tassel

Feminine and incredibly elegant: curtains in purple

Purple is not a decidedly feminine nuance. But when it comes to curtains, then in many cases. With a few exceptions, this is the absolute truth. Curtains in purple can achieve something that is impossible with other shading.

Take a look at our sensual and gentle examples.

Do you want to play the adult princess?

purple curtains window curtains bedroom ideas

 Do this right in your living room. The striking curtains associated with the lush purple drapery achieve just this effect. As you can see, they will interact beautifully with the green flower containers.

 The same effect, but several times more seductive see you in our next example

window curtains purple curtains bedroom designs

He is reinforced on the one hand by the strong contrast with the white and on the other – by the super romantic draping.

In the next example, the emphasis was not on the romantic, female, but on the vintage character

lace curtains window curtains bedroom traditional

Because Lila is strongly reminiscent of modernity from the middle of the last century. See how beautiful white curtains with purple motifs interact with the vintage shelves.

Purple curtains on the window wall

purple carpet white curtains window curtains bedroom bed

Purple is female. That means probably also convertible. This is exactly what the purple curtains in the next example prove. At this point, you might as well put on a gray vorghag. But this purple curtain is so charming and subtle enough, do not you think?

Similar arguments must have been taken into account by the owners of this room when they opted for the purple curtains

purple room curtains curtains dinning room

Such a great minimalist space! It would be interesting to think about where he is at home … You could tap on a room in the countryside as well as an apartment in a big city.

 Present the variety of purple through curtains in your home

stripes curtains window curtains bedroom colors

 Curtains in purple does not necessarily mean to have a very dark curtain. Because here we see a completely different example. Various nuances of purple and blue occur here and appear on this white curtain! Enchanting that works, right?

Ultramodern dining room with acrylic chairs

  purple metal curtains window curtains dining room table

Traditional curtains in dark purple

purple curtains curtains classic living room

Oriental patterns and colors

purple curtains window curtains bedroom

Violet curtains

purple chandelier curtains window curtains bedroom

Extravagant charm in a hotel room   purple window curtains bedroom bedspread

Feminine sophistication in purple

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom linen

Cute, pale colors

purple plants window curtains bedroom pale

Blue and purple combinedt

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom blue

Colorful curtains combined purple orange blue curtains window curtains bedroom

Choice bedroom in the attic

lampshade wallpaper curtains in purple window curtains bedroom

Strict lines and designs in the dining room emphasized by the purple curtains purple curtains window curtains bedroom dining table

Wealth of classic patterns  pendant lamp curtains in purple window curtains bedroom fresh

Round coffee table made of intertwined rattan

bright colors curtains window curtains bedroom hanging lamp

Silk fabrics and lace make the room look feminine  

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom cushions

Golden frames and racks

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom classic

Violet beaded curtains

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom art beads

Lightweight curtains

curtains window curtains bedroom airy

Two nuances of purple color   purple-curtain-Window Blinds-bedroom-girl

Comfortable living room design

purple curtains window curtains bedroom furniture

White flowers on the violet curtains

curtains in purple window curtains bedroom pattern

Inspiration from the Orient

symbols curtains window curtains bedroom nuances

Sweet, saturated colors

curtains purple window curtains bedroom pastel colors

  Purple curtain fabrics

purple-curtain-Window Blinds-bedroom-upholstery

Relaxing corner of rest

purple window curtains bedroom quiet bed

Everything here in purple shades

purple-curtain-Window Blinds-bedroom-chair

These curtains offer privacy and tranquility

purple curtains window curtains bedroom armchairs stools

Nice, feminine touch

pastel curtains window curtains bedroom seating

Purple can be seen here as a pattern on the curtains

purple shades curtains window curtains bedroom sofa

Suitable reading area for adventurous people

violet curtains window curtains bedroom floor lamp

Shining diamond shapes

paintings frame curtains window curtains bedroom fabric

Damenzimmer decorated with style in violet

purple curtains window curtains bedroom carpet round

Meaningful color scheme   purple curtains window curtains bedroom wall colors

Bochemische Einrichtungslösung in baroque style

purple curtains window curtains bedroom wall mirror

Bright daylight makes this room seem simple

purple curtains window curtains bedroom white

A purple fairy tale rules in this room

purple curtains window curtains living room fairytale

Colors always look beautiful and atmospheric

curtains window curtains bedroom living room purple

Ornaments and room-high ceilings with low-hanging chandeliers transform this room into a classic, ornate living area

chandelier curtains window curtains bedroom ceiling

Dense purple curtains installed for family rooms

purple curtains window curtains armchairs living room