Spring Flowers Balcony – Spice up the balcony with spring flowers

spring flowers balcony fashion plants flowers

It’s time for spring flowers balcony!

In this article, the spring flowers on the balcony are rather an occasion. Because we do not want to focus solely on this topic. Rather, we would like to return to the topic of how to design a “blooming balcony”. Especially in this season you should not miss the chance.

For it seems to us at first glance that these are the most colorful pictures for terraces and balconies. So, if you apply the rules that apply today to designing your spring flowers on your balcony, you will soon experience true joy.

The tulips are beautiful spring flowers

spring flowers red tulips planter balcony

Hyacinths on the balcony

spring flowers balcony plant plants flowers purple hyacinths

Flower species that will quickly cover the area

Let’s start with a tip that is obvious, but could be something new to many people. In spring, you have the opportunity to use many plants that will develop rapidly, with flowers and greenery will decorate your balcony. They are usually the better solution because you have to take care of them much less than about the others, which achieve a lush, cheerful image. It is best to combine some of them. For example, if you plant lianas in May, their development will begin after just one month.

The direction is important

The direction is fundamental. What the planting of the spring flowers balcony then you have very good chances on the northern side. These species are basically not used to warm weather, but to shade. Therefore, you could bring this season with such flowers very much joy in life.

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Hyacinths in flowerpot

spring flowers hyacinths yellow flower pot

Yellow crocuses

spring flowers balcony planting yellow crocuses flowers

Fresh crocuses in light purple

spring plants crocus pale yellow terrace frame

Put on daffodil

spring plants daffodil balcony frame

Order must be

On large and small balconies can create beautiful designs. But in the second case, you could do much more wrong than the first one. Here everything has to be perfectly thought out, so that all plants have enough space and get enough sun. Also remember that the drainage works well.

The primroses are also fresh spring plants

spring flowers primrose pot framing

Your spring flowers on the balcony must be comfortable

The spring flowers on the balcony have to feel good. As I said before, most of them, because of their characteristics, can grow very well in the shade. Above all, they have to think about space, soil and drainage. The flowers should have enough space, not too overgrown, but clear – not too dry. Due to the special constructions that attach flowers to the balustrade, you could plant the flowers on several different levels. Just think of the beautiful “Spring Cascade” that will be created!

Spring flowers in wooden tube

spring flowers balcony design planting decoides spring

The flowers will make your balcony look wonderful

spring flowers balcony shape terrace plant flowers

The attractive planter is also important

spring flowers balcony ideas terrace shape hyacinth

Combine different plants

spring flowers balcony landscaping terrace plant

Colored tulips

spring flowers fresh tulips planter

Hyacinth in gentle light pink

framing flowers hyacinth balcony shape

White crocuses

spring plants terrace balcony plant white crocuses