The Stima raised bed – stylish garden design ideas

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The STIMA raised bed – a practical jewelry for your garden

The STIMA raised bed is a fairly new product in the market. It is a raised bed, which ensures knee and foot freedom, protects against snails and is ecological. The STIMA raised beds are made of high quality Douglas fir wood, which is an ecological material.

The Douglas fir is a conifer. For the construction of the product exclusively Douglas fir wood from the Black Forest is used. It is felled in the winter at 1000 meters altitude and is very resistant. The use of wood as a raised bed building material has been very popular for years. Wood is breathable compared to plastic and metal and ensures a better climate in the earth. You can find a very wide variety of shapes and colors and unlike stones, it takes up very little space. It inscribes itself appealing in every garden design. The raised bed is characterized by its simple construction. The foundation is put together. Furthermore, you have to connect it to the vole grid. The individual elements are put together and then fixed down. The film is attached to the nylon tape at the top with brackets. And that’s it!!!

Integrate a raised bed in your garden!

stima hexagon beet garden

What do you need for the construction of a STIMA raised bed?

– 1 x spirit level

– 1 x cordless screwdriver

– 1 x hammer

– 1 x Torx insert

1 x tacker and stainless steel clamps

Why should you integrate a STIMA raised bed? Did you know that the height of the building warms the earth faster and the light is better? In addition, your garden will be organized through the raised beds and look well-maintained. And last but not least, remember that the plants will feel better.

Thanks to their interesting shape, the STIMA raised beds can take a seat in the middle of the garden as main protagonists and attract attention with a rich planting. Take a look at the models and, above all, enjoy gardening!

Model Cubus

stima raised bed model cubus


stima raised bed model classic

Model oval

stima raised bed model oval

Model trio

stima raised bed model trio

Comfort model

stima raised bed model comfort

Stima raised bed model Canto

stima raised bed model canto

Model Comfort-U

stima high bed comfort u

Model Cor

stima raised bed model cor

Model Flor

stima raised bed model flor