Candle Decoration – Great DIY ideas on how to make decorations with molten candles in glass

Candle decoration with melted candles in glass: This DIY project is worth it!

The decoration with candles is nice all year long. There is something special about this: it can take on many different forms. Do not throw away the colorful and beautifully scented candles if you can no longer use them in the traditional way. Even if they are almost burned, you can realize wonderful DIY projects. Today you will learn how to create a step-by-step decoration of melted candles and / or jars of jam and other products. Then you will receive tips from us on how to successfully complete the interior design with them.

Candle Decoration – DIY ideas with melted candles

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Candle decoration – ideas with glasses

Dekko candles glasgefase dekoideen make ideas yourself

  • Obtain the necessary materials

You need few materials for this DIY project. First determine the amount of candles you want to use. In the first place you need glass, candle wax and moreover skewers and wire (in the appropriate number for the candles).

Unusual ideas on how you can make decorations with candles yourself

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Decoration with candles – Colored ideas for the home decoration

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If you buy colorless wax, you can dye this with appropriate oils.

The candle wax may consist of old, unusable candles or you may like to buy some for this project. You can choose wax for each lens, or you can try mixing some nuances together.

Beautiful mix of colors makes the candle quite original

candles decoration diy ideas deco ideas

Make colorful candles yourself

candles decor itself make colors

At this point, it makes sense to think about the positioning of the candles. For the different rooms you may need different shades so that they can successfully fulfill their decorative role.

Make your own candles in original bottles

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  • DIY candles with wire – step by step

Melt the wax!

To melt the candles you need a glass jar, which you place in a pot filled with water. Bring this on the cooking plate and boil the water. Add the wax to the glass jar and wait until it melts properly. You can stir it with a wooden spoon. You may be able to add scent or wax colors.

Prepare the glasses for the candles!

As that happens, you can prepare the rest of the DIY project. Take a wire and tie it to about the middle of a skewer. Place the latter vertically on the glass opening. The wire must touch the ground.

Arrange several colors next to each other

candles decoration mason jars colored

Do the same for all the remaining candles you want to make.

Pour the wax into the glass

First, pour a very small amount of wax into the glass vessels intended for the candles. Let it cool. Once it’s cold, you can pour the rest. You can also do it in portions. This will spread the wax evenly and the wire will stand straight.

Decorate the apartment with candles

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Tips for distributing the candles in the house

Depending on how full the glasses are with wax, these candles can be slightly safer than the usual ones because the flame is protected from contact with other objects. So you have a lot of freedom in the distribution of these.

Use candles and flowers for the home decoration

candles decoration craft ideas deco ideas

They go well with bookcases and other open shelves. It is very important that you choose a suitable fragrance for each room. Some have an invigorating and others – a calming effect.

Of course these DIY candles have a decorative effect and they have to match the color of the rest of the decor: they should either attract attention as garish accents or correspond with the background color.

 Original decoration that brings a touch of romance into the atmosphere

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