Outdoor shower for refreshing moments in summer

outdoor shower outdoor bathroom design

A showering experience like never before


The long-awaited summertime will be back soon and you should start preparing for it to fully enjoy it.

What else could you do now to ensure great summer experiences? Make plans that you can realize easily and in the visible future.

What do we mean by that? If you can not fly to Hawaii or Bali this summer, bring the exotic atmosphere to your home. There are many possibilities for this. And one of them is the outdoor shower, which can offer you a lot of freshness on hot summer days.

Refreshing outdoor shower for your garden or patio

outdoor shower bathroom on the terrace fashion summer ideas

An outdoor shower can be installed in the garden, in the backyard or even on the terrace. The so-called solar or garden showers are available in a variety of colors and variations. This also applies to the prices, which vary between 50 and over 1000 euros. Of course, your outdoor shower should not cost exactly like a package holiday, because that makes no sense. But in any case you will find it if you are looking for outdoor showers from the middle price segment.

 Furnishing ideas for a summer bathroom

outdoor shower bathroom fashion summer ideas

 Rain shower on the ceiling in the summer bathroom

outdoor shower bathroom outside outdoor bathtub freestanding

 Unparalleled showering experience

  outdoor shower bathroom summer experiences

 Bathroom on the roof terrace

outdoor shower-outside-bathroom-on-the-terrace

Wooden screen as privacy screen and rattan furniture for more comfort

outdoor shower summer bathroom on the terrace rattan furniture

Outdoor living or dining room was yesterday. Today, the bathroom is designed in the summer in the open air. Keep up with the new trend and get yourself a solar shower. Some even provide your summer bath with a freestanding bath. So your summer comfort is guaranteed.

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Cozy reading lesson in the bathtub outside

outdoor shower summer bathroom bathtub freestanding

Of course, you should also think of the privacy, because an outdoor bathroom does not mean to shower in front of the neighbors. Safeguard your privacy in a natural way, so you do not lose your immediate relationship with nature. The goal is to use natural materials such as bamboo, wood, trees and garden plants and etc.

Garden shower with bamboo screen

outdoor shower summer bathroom bamboo privacy

 In the middle of nature

outdoor shower summer bathroom freestanding bathtub

 Wooden walls as a screen

outdoor shower summer bathroom wood

 A green oasis

outdoor shower summer bathroom wood floor garden plants

 Pebbles and wooden platform as flooring

outdoor shower summer bathroom wood floor chalices

 Definitely rustic

outdoor shower summer bathroom wooden floor embarrassed

Lateral wood panels with lively structure

outdoor shower summer bathroom wood panels wall

 Take a shower outside

outdoor shower summer bathroom wood walls garden plants rustic

 A whole shower stall in the garden

outdoor shower summer bathroom bathing outdoors

 Showers and only then go home

outdoor shower summer bathroom in backyard garden

 Outdoor shower integrated in the wooden beams of the terrace

outdoor shower summer bathroom in the backyard

 Right on the beach 

outdoor shower summer bathroom beach tub

 Showering experiences on the roof terrace! Refreshing, right?

outdoor shower summer bathroom terrace framing

Treat yourself to a little luxury

garden shower summer modern bathroom wood

 In the townhouse you can also integrate the garden shower

outdoor shower summer terrace design townhouse

 How to fight the summer heat

Outdoor shower bathroom on the terrace framing

Optical illusion in the rock garden

solar shower rock garden shape wood

Make sure you have a unique summer experience and plan your summer bathroom in the open air. So you will fully enjoy the coming summer and collect many beautiful memories for the cold winter days.