Ikea Besta System: stylish furniture collection for more storage space

Ikea Besta furniture TV furniture wall shelves

Super creative forms of use of Ikea Besta furniture


Simplicity and minimalism. These two terms characterize the Ikea Besta Collection out. But that’s nothing new, would you argue at this point, right? You’re right, too. Simplicity and minimalism are two typical hallmarks of the Ikea style.

Ikea Besta furniture collection

Ikea Besta furniture kitchen and living room furnishings

about Ikea Besta you should rather say that this whole furniture collection is at an even higher level. The pieces of furniture are even more modern, appealing, elegant. In addition, they offer a lot more in terms of their functionality. More generalities can not be said. We’d better look at concrete examples. On the basis of this, you will best recognize the potential of Ikea Besta furniture. Take a look at the possibilities of transformation and use! Then let yourself be inspired for your very individual ideas.

Besta – furniture collection at a high level

Ikea Besta furniture white dresser living room sideboards

Adapt the modules to your own room!

No matter what shape and size a room has, the Ikea Besta modules be adapted to its floor plan. The pictures selected below show very different irregular situations and show it off.

Thanks to the clear and simple lines, you can achieve a seamless appearance. So even the smallest room seems wide and open.

We would recommend the following: Use the modularity of the modules to accentuate the most interesting areas in the room.

Conversion capability of the modules

Ikea Besta furniture attic room furniture

 Original bench

A very successful variant for the use of Ikea Besta Modules is their use as a bench. This can be placed at the window, in the hall or anywhere else.

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You can and should, of course, the storage area in the Ikea Besta units practically use! Otherwise, their full potential remains unused.

Bench in the niche

Ikea Besta Furniture Bank in the niche

Customize the Besta Ikea pieces to your liking

The conversion ability of Besta furniture we have mentioned several times. So far, we have mostly emphasized their adaptability to different layouts and practical needs. With a little color and paper, they can also be upscale to any interior design style in a purely aesthetic way.

Besta Ikea furniture in the nursery

The Ikea Besta furniture Write wonderful in the context of a nursery. They are a wonderful solution if you want to redesign the interior there in a few years. You can the Ikea Besta furniture accordingly rearrange and supplement, and thus always reach new variants.

Ikea Besta children’s furniture

Ikea Besta furniture Kinmderzimmer children furniture and Ikea TV furniture

Put on the monochrome appearance

Our tip from today on is to focus on the monochrome appearance. While there are many conversion options, you should try to bring out the natural beauty of this piece of furniture. This leaves room for many bright colored accents.

Take a look at the Ikea Besta furniture online

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