Retro Kitchen – the new, old kitchen decor trends for 2014

retro kitchen checkmate red barstool

Retro kitchen - new old trends for 2014

As we all know, fashion and interior design are cyclical phenomena. Especially hot trends and trendy patterns tend to be fashionable again and again. What seems old-fashioned today may be back in fashion in 10 or 20 years. The Retro kitchen for example, lately has become very popular with designers and interior designers.

We have put together a nice collection for you. See for yourself how patterns from the past, pieces of furniture and kitchen appliances awake to new life and give the kitchen interior a special touch. What are the trends for 2014 when it comes to Retro kitchen about?

Retro and vintage

People often ask themselves, what is the difference between retro and vintage? The truth is that the boundary between these two terms in interior design is very blurred and often they are perceived as synonyms. In principle, any piece of furniture or other items older than 20-30 years can be called vintage. Often people talk about retro when it comes to a contemporary reproduction of old furniture or designs.

So this retro kitchen in white, which has been built with old design and new materials shines

retro kitchen white kitchen cabinets

See the cool retro pendant lamps - just great!

retro kitchen orange pendant lights

Checkmate flooring is a popular retro element in interior design

retro kitchen floor tiles checkmate black white

Even old table lamps fit perfectly into the retro kitchen

retro kitchen wall tiles white square

There are no exact guidelines for equipping yours Retro kitchen. The best way to focus on the period between the 20s and the 80s of the 20th century. If you find a vintage stove or kitchen shelves, then of course you can integrate them directly into your kitchen equipment. Highlight these with matching color accents.

Teal or celadon green are highly recommended

retro kitchen celadon green cabinet system light parquet

Pastel colors are also typical of the retro interior

retro kitchen pastel green u shape

A vintage stove in turquoise - the undisputed eye-catcher in the kitchen

retro kitchen vintage stove turquoise

Vintage meets rustic with beautiful patterned plates

retro kitchen decoration dish wall decoration

The floor can be designed with retro motifs

retro kitchen floor mosaic white cabinets high gloss

Fresh splashes of color and accents

Although gray is the new color trend for 2014 in background colors, you can quietly introduce more dynamism and joy of life with warm color accents in red and orange in your retro kitchen.

Order or paint your stove, refrigerator, your washing machine and the hood in orange

retro kitchen orange kitchen technology refrigerator cooker hood

A red door or Coca Cola bar stools add more temper and improve your mood

retro kitchen l shaped design granite red door

Turquoise then provides compensation

retro kitchen turquoise oven refrigerator cherry wood parquet

This nuance red is definitely retro

retro kitchen red accent wall wall clock round

The 1930s kitchen reloaded

retro kitchen smeg fridge orange

Spacious retro kitchen with cozy dining area

retro kitchen sitting area vintage aluminum

The SMEG refrigerator from the 50s has become a hit with modern kitchen facilities

retro kitchen built-in wall plate

Modest in retro look

retro kitchen turquoise kitchen cabinets wood veneer marble look

Classic design with a modern twist

If you are not one of the ultimate fans of retro, then you can opt for a modern, classic kitchen and just add one or two vintage items, such as the retro icon under the fridges - the smeg. Some experts claim that the Art Deco style is fundamentally retro. The shiny surfaces and sleek curves of this style have become so popular, especially in the years following the great crisis of the 1930s.

This wonderful modern retro kitchen was inspired by the 70's

retro kitchen yellow-green cabinets kitchen island

Vintage with country house charm

retro kitchen geometrically patterned carpet runner

Modern and elegant with a retro touch

retro kitchen orange bowl-shaped hanging lamp transparent

Patterned carpet runners also bring that certain something with them

retro kitchen counter table roll striped carpet runner

Modern interpretation of Art Deco

retro kitchen oval white kitchen island

Relaxed breakfast in style

retro kitchen flooring checkmate pattern

Retro coffee mugs have a special aura

retro kitchen kitchen back wall open shelf coffee mug

Do you fancy getting a retro kitchen? Well then, have fun setting up!