Roof Terrace – 15 examples of how to roof your patio

In what style do you want to be your canopy terrace?

It’s just cool to spend your time outside in the garden or on the balcony in summer, right? The garden owners appreciate this extra living space in the warm months a high. It is not the same if there is no outdoor enclosure. To stand directly in the sun is not really enjoyable. This has just encouraged us to create a beautiful picture gallery in which you get inspiration for your own terrace, that you are considering a roofing. Let’s start with the ideas!

Roof terrace – best protection against the strong sun rays

patio roof gull wood wood gravel

Roof terrace from Holt is the usual solution in the garden

patio canopy wooden flowers garden furniture

In the garden you usually design areas so that you can organize the area better and separate the activities from each other. The comfort in the outdoor area is not of minor importance as the beautiful living in the interior. That’s why you treat yourself to all the amenities here too. And as you know, little things often play a huge role. A beach umbrella, a pergola or a Roofing terrace you definitely make it. It depends on the design concept, which of the variants one can put into action.

Terrace roofing made of wood and canopy

patio roofing gardening ideas canopy garden furniture

Protect the terrace with wooden roof from sun and rain

Canopy patio patio shape wooden canopy

The roof made of transparent material makes the terrace look modern

roofing garden garden shape ideas flower plants

The terrace is a strange and beautiful area that connects inside and out. If you want to make this as comfortable as possible, you should realize a few things. Lighting and flooring are some of the components to consider. The canopy is the third condition that we believe should receive special attention.

Also make the small terrace with a roof

terrace roofing practically stylish wooden garden furniture

Simple roofing makes the terrace look modern

terrace roofing simple landscaping ideas plant

 As a place that combines different activities in one, the terrace resembles a summery living room according to its functions. Carefully considering their design really proves to be important. The terrace you want to use both on sunny, as well as on rainy days. That is, it should be covered in both cases. Thankfully, the market has a diverse variety of materials and colors, so everyone has their own Roofing terrace gets.

Striped pattern animates the garden design

patio roof porch fabric strips stylishly plant

Elegant and practical

Canopy terrace recreation area gardening ideas

The terrace should form with its roof a perfect picture with the whole outdoor area. So choose a suitable material and the right color, so that the roof inscribes into the garden design.

Chic stripe pattern in bright colors

roofing terrace stylish gardening ideas garden furniture

Very modern solution for the small terrace

terrace roofing modern recreation corner make it cozy

Cover the outdoor kitchen

roof terrace terrace kitchen cover garden barbecue

Make the dining area homely

Canopy patio patio ideas outdoor area

Compact solution with stripes

Canopy patio fabric stripe pattern outdoor area ideas

Modernist and simple

roofing terrace ideas outside area design