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Saltwater pools cheaper in the long term


The private pool in the garden is for many a long-cherished dream, but often failed in the implementation. If you want to splashing in your own garden pool this summer, you should start thinking and planning.

Right after the budget question is the question of a freshwater or saltwater pool.

In Germany it is used to the fact that the pools in free and indoor swimming pool are filled with fresh water, which is added to the disinfection with chlorine. However, some people get irritated skin and mucous membranes through the chlorine used. In addition, the constant clogging of chlorine is not very cheap.

Fun at the garden pool

garden pool salt water pool swimming pool garden

A good alternative is a saltwater pool. Here, the water is naturally kept free of bacteria. The acquisition costs are generally slightly higher, the maintenance costs in the long term but cheaper. In addition to the classic pool accessories, the heart of a saltwater pool is the so-called electrolyzer. In the pool shop There are different variants, depending on the size of the pool from 30 to 70 cubic meters. The systems are not very cheap, but can be easily installed by the layman. It is important, however, to ensure that the materials used for pool construction are suitable for salt water. Both the panels and the pool wall, ladders, pumps and inlets and outlets must be made of saltwater-resistant material.

garden pool salt water pool swimming pool in the garden

Saltwater pools have a much lower salt content than you know from the Mediterranean holiday. There, the salt concentration is 2 to 3 percent and can lead to dry skin and dried hair. In the pool, on the other hand, there is a much lower concentration of only 3000 ppm, which corresponds to a percentage of 0.3. The electrolyser ensures that the salt NaCl is broken down into its constituents, thus producing natural chlorine. The chlorine levels in saltwater pools are more constant than in freshwater pools, which must be regularly treated with chlorine tablets. An unpleasant smell of chlorine does not arise in saltwater pools despite the conversion.

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