Mediterranean garden in 50 pictures – A model of how to bring holiday mood and well-being into your garden

The Mediterranean coast is blended with magnificent beauty and delicious food. Surely you have heard much of the Mediterranean cuisine! And undoubtedly, many of you are also fans of Mediterranean music! But what do you know about the Mediterranean style of furnishing? He has something very specific about him and can hardly be confused. But what we want to focus on today is that you can also make your own garden Mediterranean: this creates a magnificent garden design to admire!

Charming flowers and a feeling of cosiness characterize the Mediterranean garden

mediterranean garden, soano style garden design

What is a Mediterranean garden?

Nature has always been a rich source of inspiration. That’s why you do not stop decorating the apartment with plants and flowers. However, your own garden remains the intersection between hectic everyday life and nature. After modern garden design concepts garden and recreation are always equal.

If your own garden does not offer a relaxation area, it loses its value. Anyone who has ever felt the uniqueness of the Mediterranean coast, dreams again and again of experiencing it again. That’s why you bring in the private garden, the Mediterranean flair, which bears a trace of bygone times.

Immerse yourself in this authentic atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast

Mediterranean garden design beautiful house facade

Stylish and cozy at the same time

mediterranean garden beautiful landscape with colored plants

Now, when the summer is on the threshold, everyone strives for a garden design that is really worthwhile. Here you have to relax properly and enjoy the beauties of nature. What could be better than designing your outdoor area in a Mediterranean style? Rest and relaxation are guaranteed in this atmosphere! A unique experience is thus staying in a Mediterranean garden. Its fresh and natural charisma impresses everyone. A Mediterranean garden has a strong positive effect on well-being. Because in a Mediterranean garden you will find both splendor and style, as well as liveliness and holiday mood. As a garden idyll, the Mediterranean garden can be described.

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Mediterranean gardens radiate their own charm 

Mediterranean garden Mediterranean flowers and garden stairs

How do you create this recreational oasis, in fact? Which rules apply to Mediterranean garden design? Although they come up with excellent garden ideas in the Mediterranean style, they can not always be realized. However, a Mediterranean garden can not be created everywhere. The local landscape is crucial in this case. Mediterranean gardens need climatic conditions that are closer to the Mediterranean coast climate, where plants thrive in high temperatures and dry air. It is best to think carefully in advance if your own garden area meets these criteria!

The typical features of a Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden design Romantic garden ideas

One speaks of a Mediterranean garden culture. Not only on the Mediterranean coast you will find beautiful Mediterranean gardens. In other places, where the climate allows it, you could create a Mediterranean ridge. You can also make your own garden Mediterranean. But it is necessary to know which are the elements of such a garden design. A sunny garden is the most important condition for this. It should also have wintering facilities. You can choose a single style – Moorish-Andalusian, Italian or Southern French.

Noble garden design, which invites to a long stay

mediterranean garden spanish garden design

There is nothing superfluous …

Mediterranean garden flowerpots and furniture set

What makes a Mediterranean-style garden stand out?

Which elements make up the Mediterranean garden?

  • earthy shades – In earthy colors, the garden looks more natural. A qualitative relaxation is guaranteed. What else do you need outside when the weather is nice? Also a romantic look of the garden!
  • Natural stones – paving stones and stone slabs are used for the garden paths
  • Clay pots – they give the typical look of the Mediterranean garden
  • Pergolas and gazebos – a beautiful shade is a must in a Mediterranean garden
  • Murals and mosaics as decoration ideas
  • Garden figures, which give the Mediterranean garden an authentic look
  • Water features – fountains and garden ponds are a popular way to personalize the garden
  Old chairs in the garden with new function - attractive planters

Combine earthy colors with fresh flowers and create an attractive outdoor ambience


Plants are the main decoration in the Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean-garden design-garden decoration-in-Mediterranean style

Feel the Mediterranean flair

Mediterranean garden Fresh garden design ideas

It should be colorful and cheerful!

Mediterranean garden flowering plants and plant pots

Of course, furniture and decoration must be in harmony with the whole garden concept. A harmonious garden design is announced!

Which plants are grown in a Mediterranean garden?

Without much effort and care, a garden will look Mediterranean. Without the right plants, however, you can not design a Mediterranean garden. And these are easy to recognize. The beautiful fragrance and the aromatic and flowering plant species make up the beautiful Mediterranean garden. Hardly resist one of the splendor and scents in a Mediterranean garden … The Mediterranean plants have a peculiar charm. Which are you?

Subtle decoration and more plants – The key to the beautiful Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden gravel landscaping garden floor

Enjoy the blooming splendor in the garden …

Mediterranean-gartengestaltung Fit-blooming-garden plants

In addition to beautiful ornamental plants also find numerous other plant species. Evergreen trees and bushes, for example, are a distinguishing feature of these gardens.

  • Potted plants – oleander, lantana, agapanthus, calla, cylinder cleaner, angel trumpets, pomegranate, citrus trees or olive stems
  • Perennials – for example, lavender
  • Shrubs – often evergreen ones
  • Herbs – thyme, sage, oregano
  • Woody plants – juniper, Mediterranean viburnum (Viburnum tinus), garden hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus), palm trees such as the Chinese hemp palm (Trachycarpus fortunei), camp troemica or the Judas tree
  • Olive trees, fig trees, cypresses, pines, citrus plants
  • Fruits such as figs, plums, cherries and apples thrive well on the Mediterranean coast

Are you fascinated by the charm of Spain and Italy? Transfer this atmosphere into your own garden! Create a garden design that gives pleasure, but at the same time gives the opportunity for a well spent leisure. Just discover among the numerous Mediterranean garden ideas the right ones for your outdoor area!

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Enjoy beautiful views

mediterranean garden noble gardening ideas

Sit quietly under the plants

Mediterranean garden garden path with beautiful flowers

In the style of the Mediterranean coast

Mediterranean garden backyard shape ideas

Where does this beautiful garden path lead to?

plant the right plants in the Mediterranean garden

Summer mood prevails everywhere …

mediterranean garden spread mediterranean flair in your own garden

Shrubs and trees in the Mediterranean garden

Plant Mediterranean garden and combine stones

Spice up the garden with fresh colors

Mediterranean garden design Medvedrane plants

Mediterranean gardens are bedded in greenery

Mediterranean garden front yard shape ideas

A garden pond brings a fresh touch to the Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden water games garden pond landscape

Ensure rich planting in the Mediterranean garden

mediterranean garden fragrant and flowering plants

Use the fountain differently

Mediterranean garden design fancy garden fountain and beautiful garden path

Garden idea with several fountains

Mediterranean garden design deco ideas for the garden

A stay in a Mediterranean garden invites you with positive energy

Mediterranean garden design recreation area in the Spanish style

The Mediterranean garden style is one of nature near garden design

mediterranean garden design garden furniture and garden gravel

Enjoy the delicious food in the shade

design mediterranean garden design dining area

The Mediterranean atmosphere distinguishes itself clearly from all other garden designs

mediterranean garden design garden furniture and garden plants

Create a cozy atmosphere where you like to spend your free time

mediterranean garden design spanish garden design with many plants

Giant plant pots captivate the eye

Mediterranean gardening garden plants and garden decoration

Bright shades are typical of the Mediterranean garden

mediterranean garden design cozy garden with many plants

mediterranean garden design stylish garden with flowers

Mediterranean garden design Italian garden

mediterranean garden floral decoration and fresh colors

mediterranean garden garden fountain and sitting area

mediterranean garden luxurious house with beautiful garden

mediterranean garden green lawn and garden furniture to relax

mediterranean garden beautiful garden ideas with lots of color and flowers

mediterranean garden design garden fountain and mediterranean garden plants

Mediterranean garden design ideas for a fresh garden design

mediterranean garden design small garden in mediterranean style

Mediterranean garden design beautiful garden ideas of Mediterranean style

Mediterranean gardening plants cleverly combine herbs and garden furniture

Mediterranean garden design Mediterranean garden plants

Mediterranean garden design gravel plants clay pot

Mediterranean garden design close to nature and cozy garden design ideas

Mediterranean garden design Mediterranean plants Cypress

Mediterranean garden design Stylish garden ideas for the garden

Mediterranean garden design beautiful garden stairs and floral decoration