Garden Plant – 8 magnificent classics for your garden or balcony

garden plant queen flowers classic

Are you looking for a great garden plant that spreads a wonderful aroma during the day?

Do you like to sit alone in the garden surrounded by magnificent flowers? But everything would be even more wonderful, if you would also experience great aroma around. Because then you have the feeling, you would dive into a completely different world.

It is interesting in the garden plants that some of their flowers during the day and others – open at night. Today we have a list of such garden plants that give us their wonderful aromas throughout the day. Are you curious? Let’s start now!

Roses (pink)

Let’s start with this garden plant, which has a worldwide recognized royal character. It unfolds its fragrance during the day and offers in terms of numerous subspecies unbelievably much variety.

The queen of flowers always stands out

garden plant pink species gorgeous

Magnificent rose bows

garden plant rose bushes arcades garden

Peonies (Paeonia)

This garden plant has a unique attraction. She owes her great flowers as well as the magnificent appearance.

You can become addicted to it

garden plant peony pink blossom

Spring Festival of the senses

garden plant peach rose colorful splendid flowering

Fresh table decoration in May

garden plant pink-pfingsrosen-tischdeko

Lilies (Lilium)

The roses are royal and the lily we would compare to a princess. This one has a magical aroma. This is particularly strong when you cut off the lily and put it in a vase. But bring only a few cut flowers home. The lily loves the sun. Do not take her away.

Majestic lily flower in purple

garden plant fragrant blossom pink

Lily in orange and dark red

garden plant big flowers scented orange dark red

Delicate, white natural creations

garden plant lilies white flowers formosa

Hyacinths (Hyacinthus) and Freesia (Freesia)

  Garden flowers that give your garden more charm in the summer

Garden plants of this kind are very easy to care for. They give us in spring for the effort with magical aromas. All you have to do is keep the soil moist and the flower bulbs must remain in the soil for three months or more at a temperature around and below zero.

The classics of spring

garden plant spring flowers daffodil tulips hyacinth

Vibrant colors and beguiling scent

garden plant hyacinth violet fresh spring messenger

The beautiful flower princess – the delicate freesia

gardening plant beguiling fragrance pine yellow flowers

Create a magnificent flower decoration with it!

garden plant freesia bouquet white vase

Common lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

The common lilac also has the ability to attract us with its wonderful aroma. Thankfully, he is also very easy to care for, blooms quickly. The distribution is easy too. The roots have many growths. However, this is a plant imported from south-eastern Europe and front iron, which could sell regional species in Germany. Consider this for environmentally-friendly reasons for closed courtyards and large flower containers.

Perfect flowers in purple

garden plant ordinary lilac lilac fresh flowers

Magic aroma in late spring

garden plant lilac lilac garden bush

Invite this refined beauty home!

garden plant lilac purple rustic flower deco

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

Who does not love this aromatic garden plant! Her beauty and gentle look are simply legendary. You can have this as a shrub or diaper plant.

The flowers are great too. They are found in white, pale pink and yellow and last a fairly long time. But you must provide this garden plant with soil that is moist and rich in nutrients.

Heavenly scented jasmine splendor

garden plant jasmine plant white flowers garden

Garden honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium)

Let’s get to the next day fragrant garden plant. This is an interesting species that could climb around the fence and other garden equipment. Provide a good shade and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the great blooms in June and July.

  Voortuinontwerpideeën - creatieve ontwerpideeën voor uw buitenkant

The typical color of this garden flower is pale pink

garden plant garden honeysuckle shrub

Black elder (Sambucus nigra)

You should also have in mind this day-scented garden plant. The flowers of the black elder are not only aromatic, but also very healthy.

Dry or fresh, they can be used to make tea

garden plant black elderberry white flowers

Wild, healthy fruits

garden plant of black elderberry fruits

Like many of our garden flower lists, this one has no claim to verbosity. But perhaps we have aroused your interest to look for other great flowers for your garden? Or?