Stability and individuality in one – gabion wall

Gabions are considered a diverse garden design that is very easy to use. Many homeowners choose a gabion wall because their robustness, stability and appearance are particularly attractive. In the article, we will introduce ideas for gabion walls, which are designed according to individual design. Combinations with other materials such as wood or aluminum are very popular and symbolize the individual touch in garden design. For more information, read the following points, which are an informative summary of the theme Gabionswand.

Combinations with wood are very popular


A gabion wall has a superior look that can enhance your property very well. The design is considered a time-consuming project, because you have to prepare and build almost everything yourself. The reason for this is that the gabions are not delivered ready and you have to do the filling yourself. When it comes to a wall that is more than 1 meter high, the base of the gabion wall needs a foundation that will ensure the stability of the structure in the future.

This kind of garden walls are considered very stable and very durable, because the stones that serve as a filling, provide a unique stability in the garden. The superior construction protects your garden from prying eyes and thus you have a private zone in the garden, which is perfect for rest and relaxation.

The filling of the gabions you have to make yourself, the wire baskets are delivered without filling. In addition, you can choose the filling yourself and the selection of stones is really large and perfectly combined with your garden design. The most popular variants of the gabion walls are the quarry stones made of granite, quartzite or limestone. However, the construction is not easy, because the wire baskets are very heavy and not at all easy to position. It is advisable to position and build the gabions first and then fill the wire baskets with any stones.

The filling can be chosen according to your own taste

gabionen-filling-out glass stones

When it comes to the gabion filling, you should first think about whether the wall will be overgrown later. If so, then you do not need expensive and beautiful stones, but a gabion filling, which has good compressive strength and frost resistance. Such properties are particularly important because the weather resistance of the gabion wall will play a very important role in severe weather conditions. When filling the gabion baskets, it is recommended that no large voids be created between the stones. Only in this way can you achieve a perfect compaction of the gabion wall.

The gabion wall is not usually cheap and that is why many homeowners opt for modern combinations with gabions. The cost depends on the size of the gabions and also on the type of stones. If you have an accurate idea of ​​the gabion wall, then you should calculate the costs well. It is very often the case that the kilo prices and kits of the gabions vary very much among the different providers.

Gabion walls belong to the individualized garden design

modern-gabionen wall

Customizability includes different grains, colors and patterns that create a unique atmosphere in the garden. The end result will surely attract attention.

Do not forget the foundation of the gabion wall

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Protection against prying eyes

Gabion wall gabionen

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