Cool Curtains Ideas for You – 50 airy designs for the modern home

Curtains ideas bedroom views

Airy curtains still used as a room divider

There are many styles from the past that bring a new life to our lives. This is mainly due to the popularity of open floor plans and airy interiors. These all strive for union of form and function.

The reasons for the renewed fame of these classic objects go beyond the classic elegance they offer.

Combining privacy with broad, open prospects makes them an increasingly popular option. These are most popular in master bedrooms overlooking the ocean and other enthralling natural landscapes like this one.

Transparent curtains are sometimes exquisite and contemporary. Their appearance is quite traditional in other cases. You can buy them in many colors and with many different patterns. The lighter shades are still our favorites. However, you can use different materials for a change and that happens with ease. Stylish, appropriate and very cheap are some of the options that represent the benefits of the curtains, which are particularly noteworthy.

Cool curtains ideas for you

Cool curtains ideas living wall living room

Beige curtains in the bedroom

Curtains ideas bedroom beige armchair orange

White bathtub

Curtains ideas bedroom jacuzzi bathroom

Traditional living room

Cool curtains ideas living room coffee table lamps sofa

dressing room

Cool curtains ideas dressing room private transparent

Large glass walls – open space

Cool curtains ideas rattan armchairs furniture set

Gray color scheme in the bedroom

Cool curtains ideas bedroom black transparent

Minimalist and simple furnishings

Curtains ideas bedroom sofas design

How to use curtains

english living style orange pillow living room curtains

Ornamentless draping

Most people prefer white or off-white draping. They lead to a dreamy, beachy style in any room. Combine them with touches of turquoise and aqua and you can easily speak of a contemporary theme and switch right to a coastal theme.

They are the perfect canvas if you are converting a bedroom or living room into a minimalist shack or industrial setting without wasting time. Do you love the conversion of interiors? Do you like keeping an eye on hot trends? Then lush curtains will do a great job in fulfilling this task.

Classic and industrial touches

Classic Industrial Design Bedroom Cool Curtains Ideas

Office room at home

house library wall decoration shelves office

Extensive living room

living room sofas coffee table storage Cool curtains ideas

Maybe you will need as a moving line between the various areas of the open plan of living. In other cases, they will offer you protection against the UV rays, while at the same time allowing for the appropriate amount of natural light.

Transparent curtains vary in thickness and number of threads. Choosing a model that best suits your personal benefit will make the most of the translucent models.

Warm ambience in the bathroom

elegant curtains airy bathtub living room

Ceiling-high marble wall

black white colors living room modern marble Cool curtains ideas

Black corner sofa

curtains white airy ideas living room corner sofa

Elegant, vintage bedroom furniture

symmetrical bedroom white Cool curtains ideas

Dining table with chairs – curtain as a divider

dining table with chairs Cool curtains Ideas splitter

Beige color scheme in the living room

living room curtains window fireplace brown

Solid colors and geometric patterns

carpet pattern black color scheme curtains

The different versions of white seem to be a trendy method for using the curtains. But they should not be limited to just a few nuances. Now you have the perfect opportunity to buy draping in more than one color.

White brings flexibility and tranquility, while the black drapes provide an instant viewpoint. Both provide a bold visual impression. Obviously, you could choose between different nuances, ranging from soft green, to pretty pinks, to beautiful blue shades and warm yellow nuances. This is related to the color palette you have chosen.

Staircase – black, airy curtain

dark curtains partition wall partition stairs

Exotic living atmosphere

exotic interior design curtains patterned plants

Fabrics with rigid geometric patterns are some of the hottest trends for 2014. Why do not you choose curtains with patterns that match the accent cushions in your living room?

No matter if you are dealing with straight lines or complex graphics, you should keep things graceful and interesting at the same time. Too many patterns could cause a visual irritation and make too little room. Here is a gentle rule: the smaller the room, the better it is to cling to simple patterns and few colors. This is especially true for the draping.

Elegant classic

sofas coffee table glass living wall curtains

Pure dining room furniture – pale beige colors

beige dining room chandelier curtains

Eclectic style of living

colors shades curtains living room classic

Dark paisley pattern on the wall

bedroom paisley pattern wall design bedroom wall

Instead of bedroom wall, we have here airy curtain

traditional bedroom gardnen bedroom wall

Upholstered furniture with animal patterns

animal pattern upholstered furniture recliner chair type curtains

Fresh, colored seating

fresh chic color design dining curtains

The multi-layered protection of the private sphere

modern living room dark curtains curtains Cool curtains ideas

The lush curtains offer many advantages. But they are far from perfect for a number of occasions. Let’s start by saying that they are bad for thermal insulation. If you live in a region where this is very important, they are certainly not very appropriate. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended that you bring many layers of curtains in use. They provide an upscale stylistic statement and represent the best combination of ergonomics and aesthetics. Lush curtains should be from the inside and the usual – from the outside. In this way you can save electricity. One can therefore also keep the expensive curtains from damage by the UV rays. In the long run, this makes a big difference.

Wall design with geometric wallpaper patterns

bedroom headboard gray frame golden curtains Cool curtains ideas

The beige color scheme proves to be a popular choice in interior design

warm colors bedroom curtains

Luscious semi-draperies and those that are intended as an outer layer, and so many other options are available to you. There is an increasing emphasis on having the outlook for the outdoors incorporated into the design. In doing so one reaches the borders between the inside and outside area to flood. Through such curtains you can find the great poetry, which perfectly meet the needs of the house. So combine them with velvet curtains and create mixes and adjustments with other styles. So you will achieve to completely spice up your interior design this spring.

Elegance and charm in the bedroom – confidential atmosphere

glossy bedroom curtains curtains Cool curtains ideas

Classic, cozy dining room

beige chandelier Cool curtains ideas upholstered furniture chairs leather

Dark purple home textiles and bedding

Curtains Curtains Cool Curtains Ideas paintings bedroom wall

Turquoise upholstery

curtains turquoise upholstered furniture comfortable sofas fireplace

Compact sitting area in the bedroom

bedroom bench bed Cool curtains Ideas quiet bed curtains

Green, orange upholstery

trendy living room decor Cool curtains Ideas curtains nature garden