Can the modern kitchen be designed in retro style?

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Modern kitchen but with retro design

It is said that the worlds of interior design and fashion are cyclical. This certainly confirms the advent of retro and vintage styles last year. The trend had a snowball effect in interior design and decoration in all aspects. Vintage kitchens are a hot and trendy trend for 2014.

In the Saint Luis composition of Marchi kitchens, the distinctive features of the style of the 50s have been borrowed. There, the modern kitchen was presented in a completely new light. It is nostalgic in its form, full of charm and brings us back to that time. Modern functionality is still present.

Vintage kitchens from the 50s are back in fashion

modern kitchen retro style vintage design designer kitchen

Careful attention has been paid to each and every aesthetic element, inspired by the American style of the '50s. This is known to us among other things from popular film series. The bright pastel shades and the embedded edges of the cabinets can be seen immediately. The style of the cabinets together with the aluminum surfaces cement the look of the 50s.

A "marriage" of different epochs takes place. The kitchen uses lights created by Mid Century Modern masters.

The pastel colors and pink nuances of the cabinets, the inconspicuous back wall and cup cabinets, as well as the simple ergonomic work surfaces with the luxurious surfaces give the kitchen a dreamy and classy appearance.

Some funny design elements like vintage clocks on the surface and the round glass windows make the Saint Luis kitchen a really great choice for those who fancy an overdose of the 50s.

Everything new is well forgotten old

modern kitchen design in retro style vintage design

 Vintage kitchen from the 50s

modern kitchen design retro style vintage kitchen cabinets vintage kitchen line

 Retro style kitchen cabinets with linoleum floors

modern kitchen design retro style vintage 50s design

 Kitchen walls in concrete look

modern kitchen design retro style vintage kitchen cabinets kitchen design kitchen line

 The '50s kitchen is making a comeback

retro style 50s vintage kitchen design modern kitchen design

 Kitchen cabinets in pastel colors

kitchen cabinets cooking hob retro kitchen vintage design designer kitchen

 Base cabinets in retro style

kitchen cabinets hob retro kitchen vintage design designer kitchen linoleum floor

 Kitchen fronts with rounded glass windows 

kitchen design kitchen cabinets in retro style work surface hob wall concrete optics

Baby blue as an accent color

kitchen design kitchen cabinets in retro style pastel kitchen back wall tiles

 Designer pendant lights in the retro kitchen

The modern kitchen fashion retro style vintage designer kitchen concrete slabs floor

 Concrete slabs as flooring in the kitchen

retro kitchen design vintage 50s design kitchen cabinets designer pendant lights

 Functionality and vintage design in the modern kitchen

kitchen design ideas retro style work surface granite concrete slabs large window surface

Ideas and inspiration from the middle of the 20th century

kitchen design retro style peninsula cabinets sliding concrete slabs floor

 Be inspired by the American Style of the 50s

kitchen design kitchen island retro 1950s style linoleum floor

 Tailored kitchen with designer furniture and retro design

kitchen design kitchen island retro vintage linoleum floor 50s style

Modern kitchen in retro style - why not?

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