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Give your home an exotic freshness

When it comes to palm trees, we immediately recall the romantic South Sea islands with exotic fruits, white sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons and suntanned dancers decorated with flowers. Unfortunately, many of us have not visited such a retreat until now, but hopefully we will be able to fulfill that dream someday.

But something else we can easily realize and, in fact, the exotic ones Palm species as indoor plants use. Do not regret growing such tropical plants and bringing an exotic touch to your interior.

Remarkably, this elegant green on grasses and bamboo is tolerant of neglect and resistant to disease and insects. The palms are known for their tolerance to atrocities such as low luminous intensity, plant containers overcrowded with roots, rare irrigation and air conditioners.

Even the early Egyptians and Babylonians accepted the palm species as a velvet drongo. Their versatility is highly appreciated by the gardeners. With its 210 genera and 2,780 species, the palm family offers varieties that come from a warm, temperate climate. The majority comes from South Asia and the tropical places in America, where they thrive and, as the Arabs say, “with their feet in the water and their heads in flames” grow.

Palm species as indoor plants

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Feathers and pendants

As you might guess, the palm trees are easy to maintain because of their diversified habitats. The botanical separation of plants, based on their foliage structure, provides a useful framework for exploration.

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By and large, the types of feathers are the most popular, decorative palms. Among those are still Chamaedorea, Chrysalidocarpus, Howea, and To call Phoenix.

Most members of this group thrive in warm climates. Some of them are photophobic, so they should be placed at the north-facing window. Others prefer strong light, which offers the east and west orientations. If you choose a sunny spot, hang a thin curtain on the window to protect the palm trees from direct sunlight. In this sense, we have put together a collection of the popular, perennial palm species as houseplants.
Striking and easy to care for
Palm species as houseplants date-palm hardy small
Various palm trees
   Indoor Plants date palm tree palm species hardy variety

Palmtree indoor plants date-palm hardy trees
Big foliage
Palm species as houseplants hardy soil
Tropical species
Palms as houseplants date-palm hardy elegant
Solid and attractive
Palm species as indoor plants evergreen exotic
Everything looks even better in a white flower pot
Palm species-as-house-plants-date-palm-hardy-white-flowerpot
Large foliage and thin trunk
Palm species hardy as indoor plants
The foliage is reminiscent of a human hand
Indoor plants date palm tree Palm trees hardy idea
White pebble
Indoor Plants Date Palm Palm species Hardy gravel
Extensive palm species
  date palm tree hardy palm tree species as indoor plants
Red flowers

Indoor Plants date-palm hardy red palm species

  Hardy and tropical

Indoor Plants Date Palm Palm species Hardy stem

Add a natural touch to your apartment
Palm species as houseplants date-palm hardy tropical
Beautify your ambience!
Indoor Plants Date Palm Palmtree Hardy Lush