Room color design – fresh sage green in the interior design

fascinating wall design kitchen sage green

Room color scheme with sage green – attractive and modern

Today we want to talk about one of the most important fashion trends in the Room color scheme Sage green is in as it may have never been before. This is probably due to the relaxing and at the same time expressive character of this color.

Blue and yellow mix within this shade.

In nature, landscapes are very common

to meet sage green in nature

It is quite suitable, among other things, for the creation of the so-called world design.

Sage green conveys namely a universal and natural mood

room color scheme sage green wall paint

This color can also be lifted and called noble.

Used, it can be both as a main shade, as well as great complementary accents

room color design sage green blue

In terms of its charisma, this sage is very versatile.

Depending on which other shades it is surrounded, the color may look warm or cold

room color scheme green tones

The most successful combinations are probably with nuances of the green and the blue, as well as brown, gray, yellow, lavender look good with it.

Framing attractive and fresh wall

room color design wall design throw pillow

Balanced and reserved, this shading remains in all cases.

Sage green combined with mild shades

room color scheme kitchen wall design green

This color finds its place also in the super modern completely white equipment.

A roof on stripes

room color scheme modern entrance area

Also consider selecting this color for upholstery, curtains and other decorative fabrics. In any case, if you like this color and want to create a harmonious interior, then you are on the right track!

Harmonious and modern at the same time

room color design salbeigrpner carpet

Sage green can contribute to a cozy atmosphere

Sage green wall color attractive modern fresh

Sage green furniture

room color scheme beautiful color combination sage green red

Green wall design in the living room with white armchairs

attractive living room green wall paint

Green, white and wooden furniture

dining room wall design sage green wooden table

Mural design in sage green and white decor in the kitchen

kitchen design wall design sage green