Modern interior design ideas in the Mexican style

modern home decor living room mexican style furniture yellow wall paint

Modern interior design ideas in a lively color palette

Mexico attracts us all with its color scheme, with its great and exotic culture. The interior design in this style is full of sun and brightness.

The Mexican style is eclectic, mixing Indian and Spanish motifs in a fascinating way.

Mexican style in the interior design

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One can identify the Mexican style in the first place by the mixture of colors. You pair pink, orange, bright green, dark blue and intense red. For some people, these combinations may go a bit too far. But bigger is the proportion of people who have realized that this style lightens the mood in an incredible way.

It harmoniously integrates the blue nuances that imitate the sky. Furthermore, you can experience here orange, red, yellow, pink, green and the earth shades. Each room can be done in its own color.

Colorful living ideas

modern home decor mexican style furniture color palette

The walls are in sandy shades. They can be combined with other earthy colors, which are somewhat brighter. We mean especially terracotta.

Also typical is the exposed beam construction, which you can see in the picture here

modern furnishing ideas bedroom mexican style furniture warm color palette

In the interior you will also find bricks in bright colors. A great example of this is the kitchen pictured here.

Traditional wooden kitchen

modern home decor kitchen made of wood mexican style furniture color palette

Bright color scheme in yellow

modern home decor kitchen wood mexican style kitchen tile yellow wall paint

The furniture in the typical Mexican interior design was not meant to attract the attention. They show rough, robust forms and have a slightly rural character. Rattan is also wonderfully integrated in such living ideas.

Kitchen with rural character

  Decorative fireplace - romantic mood with candles and lanterns

modern interior design kitchen mexican style orange kitchen fronts

Do not forget the colored textile with ethnic motifs, the Indian carpets and garish ornaments.

Living room with carpet

modern home decor living room furniture mexican style yellow wall paint

The ambience in the guest, bedroom and kitchen can be spiced up with beautiful throw pillows.

The Mexican decoration has a lot of artisanal artwork. The mirror with a wonderful frame is a great idea for a home. You also have multicolored dishes. It is not unusual to find reproductions of works by Mexican artists.

Motley handmade comforter

modern furnishing ideas furniture bedroom mexican style wall paint turquoise

Modern furnishing ideas in the Mexican style are characterized by simplicity and the use of natural textiles. They should give the impression that everything was made by hand.

Do you feel like Mexican mood in your house? Did you like our tips?

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