Attractive combination of living and dining room


In several modern equipped houses, the combination of living and dining room is very popular. Homeowners like to integrate both social areas, so you get an organic identical room and create more coziness and comfort for yourself and your guests. So everyone will enjoy the comfort of the wide room and move freely between living and dining area.

Stylish interior with white furniture, white painted walls and a glass wall

wide-living room-beautiful-dining area

 Beautiful living room with white sofa and a dining area made of real woodwhite-upholstered sofa-chairs-wood

When merging two smaller rooms in a large living space but also some problems may arise, which are mainly associated with the disorder. It is very uncomfortable, relaxing after a long day’s work, to watch the dirty dishes on the dining table. In these wide rooms you must necessarily get several concealed cabinets for storage of different accessories.

Elegant living room design with attractive sitting area, bookshelves and shiny wooden floor

white-furniture-wood floor

Modern designer solution for the living and dining room in white and red
modern equipment, white and red

You can also find attractive lighting – such as pendant and hanging lamps, fairy lights and more. to install. Not only will you create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, but you will also create an invisible border between social areas. This can also be achieved with the help of the seating, if you simply turn the sofa with your back to the dining area.

Chic eat-in kitchen with wood-aluminum fittings and white upholstered sofa living room-kitchen-of course-materialsCozy living room with dining area, built-in fireplace and pastels in creamy pastel colors
creamy-brown-colored-living room-dining room  Remarkable interior in white with dining and sitting area extravagant-furniture-white-grayElegant design with oversized windows, creative hanging lamps and wooden wall paneling
modern-dining area-living room-black-chairsLiving room with white dining area, fireplace and white-red carpets
carpet-red-white living room  Interesting interior design with white features, brown wooden floor and decorative elementswhite decorative elements-chairs-carpet-wooden floor  Modern living room with elegant sitting area, bookshelves and white cabinetswhite-gray-living-room-essCozy bright living room in white with table and cabinets in contrasting colors 

white-sitting area-living room-carpet-original

 Hospitable atmosphere with light wood floors, white furniture and black and white pictures.white-table-chairs-hell-wood floor  Smaller living room with sitting and dining area in white and a black hanging lampliving room-dining room-and-white outfit

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