Cool graffiti wall in every room at home

Graffiti wall home modern great

Choice, trendy living atmosphere through graffiti wall design

Do you want to create more color, style and an amazing visual effect in your home? Decide on wall design with graffiti! To create a vivid, fresh look in the room, many interior designers and homeowners have motifs and patterns from the world renowned Graffiti art used and transferred to the modern style of living.

Whether you prefer the simple ambience, or the pops like accents, a graffiti wall can become an exclusive and eye-catching eye-catcher at your home!

A graffiti wall can give your home a trendy, urban feel while still serving as a real piece of art. Many creative artists try to integrate graffiti in traditional homes without generally changing their style of living. Original, ravishing and always popular, the graffiti can add an innovative stimulus to the living atmosphere. Here are some stylish interior design ideas where attractive graffiti walls can be seen.

Brick and steel at home
Graffiti wall at home

Graffiti wall at home brand

Industrial motifs and romantic ambience in the bedroom

Graffiti art wall floor lamp brick home dark

Compact, well lit dining room

Graffiti Wall urban style Home dining table wood table

Orange and other flash colors

Graffiti wall armchair gray home cool hip hop

 Teen bathroom

Graffiti wall at home funny painting

Authentic graffiti wall in the living room

Graffiti art wall warm warm at home

A charm of graffiti is the background that reveals colors and styles. The old brick walls, the steel nets and the lanes make up the background, which is actually the essence of a splendid graffiti wall. The modern, industrial loft apartments offer a similar atmosphere where you can experiment with styles, patterns and motifs. From the simple black and white graffiti that look effective and elegant to the creative, colorful versions that just steal the show, everything looks stunning here.

Cool, trendy bedroom

Graffiti wall at home teenager bedroom

girls bedroom

Graffiti wall home teenagers bedroom

Wealth of textures and fabrics

Graffiti art wallpapers pink spotted home velvet curtains

Black and red color design

Graffiti wall skateboard home black white

Minimalist decor

Graffiti wall at home furniture textures

Most of us would like to design graffiti wall in the bedroom rather than in the living room or in the kitchen. Of course, this choice is understandable if we want to express our personality in a contemporary way. The bedroom wall can literally come alive, and the nursery looks even nicer. Everything from paint spray to hand-painted murals emphasize the graffiti look. Do not forget, graffiti is supposed to match your personality and the original graffiti projects have the biggest impact.

Colorful, modern renovations

Graffiti art wall modern home urban style

Entertainment room with a pool table

Graffiti wall stair railing glass home great colors

Matt black wall

Graffiti wall at home black wall paint design

Striking kitchen back wall

Graffiti art wall at home art kitchen back wall

Sky blue color design

Graffiti wall at home fresh idea

Geometric shapes and lines on the wall in the dining room

Graffiti wall dining table steel home dining room furniture

Graffiti Art is a dynamic form that has evolved over the centuries. Yes, you got it right! In ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire they were exercised. And if someone tells you Graffiti Art is from New York or Philly, maybe he’s talking hip-hop style. Long before the pedestrian underpasses and the huge buildings were painted, the artists used this mural painting.

Changeover between styles and shades

Graffiti wall at home glossy surface

Classic, glamorous pieces of furniture decorated with graffiti

Graffiti art wall at home dresser white

Leather couch in the waiting room

Graffiti couch leather wall at home abstract minimalistic

Office furnished in white

Graffiti art wall at home shelves office room office hallway