Kinetic art or the movement as inspiration

kinetic art modern sculptures examples

The kinetic art – news that is becoming more and more classical in modern life


Again and again, we pick up on different topics from the history of art in our online magazine. We do not do that somehow systematically, but when we realize that it is important for the current understanding of fashion and design.

Focus on modern art

kinetic art installation modern sculptures wall decoration ideas

So what is the significance of kinetic art in our lives? It is a very innovative form, which is expressed mainly in the form of sculptures and sculptural design of modern facades.

Modern sculptures and sculptural design

kinetic art installation modern sculptures

Today we mainly devote works of the last generation. But they also contain the ideas of their predecessors. But the way this comes about is more sophisticated and innovative. More and more effectively they manage to influence the human senses and the environment as such with their charisma and energy.

The role of movement in kinetic art

kinetic art installation modern sculptures painting mobile

Mural of moving parts

kinetic art installation modern sculptures paintings

The objections

There have been many and varied objections to their installation in recent years, as is common in innovation. They are too big and therefore too disturbing for the average viewer. The theoretical discussion has quickly proved to be irrelevant. Because the popularity of these sculptures speaks for itself.

Kinetic sculptures are gaining in popularity

kinetic art installation modern sculptures paintings parts

Kinetic Art

What is the reason why kinetic art is such a great fascination for modern man? We think that here, as in many aspects of modern life, this phenomenon is due to interaction with nature. These sculptures show their real potential when they come into contact with external influences. They are set in motion by wind, sun, touch, temperature and water. Hence the term “kinetic”. Many of the public city buildings have been given a whole new meaning.

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Kinetic sculptures in the park in Santa Fe

kinetic art installation in the park modern sculptures santa fe

 Huge metal bird as a kinetic art object 

kinetic art installation modern sculptures bird

Striking examples of kinetic art

Let’s start with one of the little examples. On the picture you can see the lamp FloWall, which shows the character of a kinetic sculpture. Jeil Park is called the author and he is from Korea. In his work he uses the logic of the kinetic facade panels. There are special features in use, which are associated with appropriate protection against excessive warming and too long exposure in the sun. As a result, he created something like a living wall of unified elements. A major theme in this and such types of works is the communication between the two aspects – the figurative and the material on the one hand and the phenomenal and the digital on the other. The different parts are related. You move many elements at the same time when you touch one. The stronger the pressure, the greater the effect.

Kinetic wall light

kinetic art installation wall modern sculptures

The MegaFaces Pavilion

The MegaFaces Pavilion is the other work of kinetic art that we would like to show today. It was realized for the Olympic Games in Sochi last year. We are dealing with a monolithic cube whose façade changes regularly. In 3D version, the faces of visitors are shown, which have been chosen at random. The effective kinetic mechanisms also receive aesthetic support through the appropriate lighting of the building. Impressive is the level of independence that this mechanism shows on the façade.

Motion object in garish colors

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kinetic art installation modern sculptures red yellow

Inspiration from nature

kinetic art installation modern sculptures examples

A modern kinetic sculpture

kinetic art installation modern sculptures artist

In cooperation with nature

kinetic art installation modern sculptures wind

Wind chimes as kinetic objects

kinetic art installation modern sculptures wind chimes

Where the wind blows …

kinetic art installation modern sculptures wind chimes

Kinetic Art by Anthony Howe