50 optical illusions at home – pictures of visual effects

What are optical illusions wood flooring

Optical illusions in the interior design that you should definitely get to know

This theme finds its place again and again in our articles. But we did not notice that we never discussed it explicitly. Especially through color and light you can achieve a lot of optical illusions. The reason why they have become so popular in recent years is partly due to the fact that one has to deal much more often with small apartments.

Because of this, one feels forced to enlarge the space or to increase the amount of daylight by such optical illusions.

Optical illusion on the ceiling and on the floor

what are optical illusions simplistic

Do you want to make the room appear bigger? Paint the top and bottom in light color or cream. Bright neutral nuances are usually in question.

If the room is too big and cozier, opt for the dark nuances of red, blue, brown and rich green.

These colors have the effect of making the ceiling appear lower

optical illusions illusions ceiling

Do you really like eccentric solutions? Do you enjoy experimenting? In this case, you could mount white fans on the ceiling. Whether they are on or not, the whole thing will look looser and more agile. The optical illusion of magnification also comes to it.

Achieve optical illusions through carpets

What are optical illusion carpet colorful

We have just said that you can make the ceiling appear higher by stroking in white or cream. You can also increase the dimension that appears down in this way. The dark colored carpets will then make the room appear narrower and lower. The good thing about optical illusions is that you can quickly move on to another solution.

Achieve optical illusions by other furniture upholsteries

interior decoration apartment optical illusion yellow light sofa

The mental side table

optical illusions images side table

Ravishing demo

Optical illusions and illusions tablecloth transparent

Designer artful chair

what are optical illusions white design chair

Stable and solid

optical illusions and illusions small chair

Interior Room Apartment Optical Illusion Chair White

Do you want to make the room really open and big? You could achieve this effect by changing the furniture upholstery. You can achieve an almost infinite effect by setting the white or light wall furniture that is white or light. In many small rooms one looks for this effect. On the other hand, you could set clear boundaries by combining dark and light nuances.

Optical illusion by the arrangement of the furniture

optical illusions picture stand modern

Beige and brown stripes everywhere

optical illusions and illusions beige stripes

Cardboard furniture

Optical illusion staircase cardboard furniture

You could distribute the furniture in such a way that there is a lot of space in the middle. Optical illusions of this kind, which provide plenty of space, leave the furniture on the sides and a lot of space in the middle. To further enhance this effect, consider installing mirrors on the walls.

A great trick, which is absolutely recommended! You can place a mirror behind the sofa. The walls will look as if they go far beyond the physical frame of the room.

Mirrors and glass certainly play the leading role in optical illusion.

So, divide all kinds of jewelry and details into these

Interior Room Apartment Optical Illusion Flooring

 Like a ray of light designedinterior decoration room apartment optical illusion classic

The wall lamp with table top

interior design apartment optical room deception dressing table

Concrete wall design deception stairs wall lamp floor lamp

This floor lamp is designed like a table lamp

interior decoration room apartment optical illusion floor lamp

Magic mist under the lampshade

inneneinrichtung-bedroom apartment-optical-illusion-stehlampe-fog

Transparent chair foot

interior decoration room apartment optical illusion chair

Visual trick on the wall   Optical illusions images - concrete stairs

Wall stickers in the hall – clothes rack

optical illusions pictures blue wall stickers

Bookshelves with attractive structure

optical illusions images bookshelves bent

Hang the clothes in a strange way

optical illusions pictures dresses hanger

Vintage interior design – classic home accessories

optical illusions pictures dresser paintings

Magnificent dizzying staircase

Optical illusions images Dodger stairs

Designer bookshelves in blue

optical pictures stand modern illusions

Simpler but extraordinary chair

optical illusions images chair simple

illusions and illusions simple chair

Make the lamplight different

Optical light illusions pictures table lamp

Visual illusion both on the floor and on the wall

optical illusions pictures stairs

Erroneous lampshade

optical illusions images visually lampshade

As if you were in the snow forest

optical snow forest delusions pictures wall deco

Depth and corridors

optical illusions pictures wall design

How many wall shelves do you see here?

visual visual illusions pictures wall shelves

What are optical visual illusions shelves

Wall decoration and colors  optical rhombic delusions and illusions eames lounge

Acrylic chairs

optical illusions delusions dinette

Environmentally friendly and conceived close to nature

What are optical illusions branches

Very simple clothes rack

illusions and illusions clothes rack

Minimalist decor and visually embellished   illusions and illusions room armchair wood

Effective light and colors in the staircase

delusions optical illusions red circles stairs

Headboard or mural?

headboard illusions and illusions bedroom

Floor lamp designed as a teacupoptical illusions and illusions floor lamp teacup

Reliefed wall decoration in white with shadow

illusions optical illusions wallpaper wall

Convincing appearance delusions and illusions staircase hallway

Living corner or home office

illusions optical illusions wall decoration

The wall decoration looks dizzy here

illusions and illusions wall paints green red

Can you climb this stairs easily? optical illusion stairs up wood

Chairs without hind legs?

Optical chair foot bluff staircase wood chairs

A silhouette or candlestick is that?

Deception stairs candles holder

Funny and funny designed dining table

optical ideas deception stairs funny coffee table

  Wooden chair equipped with floor lamp

Optical illusion staircase chair floor lamp

Varied wall pattern

Illusion staircase wall decoration

  See the skull between the everyday objects

What are optical everyday objects delusions shelves skulls

Black and white painted room

optical illusions black white wall colors

Wallpaper with visual effect   What are optical illusions illusions wallpaper