Terrazzo tiles – the flooring from antiquity is making its comeback

Terrazzo tiles and floor coverings are back in fashion

Terrazzo floors already existed in Greek and Roman antiquity and were already very popular and widely represented. Since this building material has often experienced its heyday, it is nowadays again in vogue and very often in the form of terrazzo tiles or slabs in many residential areas to see. What was considered “official material” a few decades ago is today praised as a new trend.

Thanks to its extreme durability and load-bearing capacity, as well as its remarkable durability and durability, Terrazzo is widely used and enjoys increasing popularity. No less preferred is the terrazzo look itself, which is used by many young designers such as Max Lamb in their creations. Traditionally, in the production of terrazzo tiles and slabs pure mineral substances such as lime and cement are used. The effective mosaic look is then achieved by stone chips, which were replaced by glass in the 80s with innovative-thinking designers. Especially these artists have raised terrazzo to undisputed trend.

Feast of colors with terrazzo tiles in the bathroom

terrazzo tile flooring bathroom wall decoration

Terrazzo is today in many variants to enjoy. Not only as terrazzo tiles and wall cladding, but also as a trend look in numerous home accessories and small furniture. Designer studios and boutiques such as Maison Kitsuné in Paris also offer a wide range of garments and other fashion accessories in a trendy look.

Young designers like Alberto Bellamoli, who also presented his latest creations in Terrazzo at IMM Cologne 2017, continue to play with material and patterns and want to take the trend to a new level.

And what about you? Do you already feel like getting terrazzo tiles? Or maybe you prefer to start small. Maybe with a cutting board or throw pillows in terrazzo look …

Here you will find a few stylish inspirations in terms of terrazzo.

Chair by Max Lamb from the “Marmoreal” series 

terrazzo tile chair max lamb iconist

Colorful in terrazzo look

terrazzo tiles flooring stairs steps

Terrazzo tiles and look are also perfectly combined with concrete and natural stones

terrazzo flooring living room dining room staircase stylejuicer

But also wood and rattan go hand in hand with the trendy material

terrazzo flooring kitchen smeg fridge barstool bloglovin

And how about a cool kitchen worktop with built-in sink in terrazzo?

terrazzo tile work surface kitchen kitchen sink

 Colorful terrazzo creations on disegnodaily.com

terrazzo tile bathroom furniture home accessories stool disegnodaily

 High quality flooring with terrazzo tiles – over decoist

terrazzo tiles flooring bathroom bathroom decoist

Such puristic terrazzo tiles can be found at www.artistictile.com

terrazzo flooring bathroom bathroom ideas artistic tile

Gorgeous terrazzo tiles by Grandinetti

terrazzo tile flooring bathroom pattern bath grandinetti

Terrazzo flooring in the hallway – from Retail Design Blog

terrazzo tiles flooring retail design blog

Puristic kitchen interior with terrazzo on apartmenttherapy.com

terrazzo tile flooring dining room kitchen apartmenttherapy

Gorgeous hexagonal terrazzo tiles by Replicata

terrazzo tiles flooring hexagonal replicata

Shining terrazzo flooring, found on Frenchy Fancy

terrazzo tile mosaic frenchy fancy

And a fancy wall decoration made of terrazzo

terrazzo tile flooring bathroom bathroom frenchy fancy

Terrazzo with antique ornaments and patterns

terrazzo tile flooring bedroom antique ornaments

Terrazzo cuts a fine figure in the stairwell – via divisare.com

terrazzo tiles flooring stairs stages divisare

A playful wall covering in terrazzo – simply fabulous!

terrazzo tiles wall covering wall decoration colorful

Terrazzo look perfectly matches the Scandinavian style of living

terrazzo tiles flooring living room scandinavian living

Stylish new products from Nordic Design

terrazzo tile inspiration nordic design

Terrazzo is the new marble

terrazzo tile plates kitchen back wall faucet kitchen sink

Stylish flooring and walls in terrazzo – via davidchipperfield.co.uk

terrazzo tiles wall covering davidchipperfield.co.uk

Impressive home accessories in terrazzo look over Kiss of Color

home accessories terrazzo ideas wall decoration a kiss of color