Japanese architecture houses of Shigeru-Ban

Japanese architecture modern house at night

Japanese architecture Shigeru - Ban houses will impress you

In 2014 he won the Pritzker Prize. This is an occasion, but not the only reason why we want to write about Shigeru - Ban today. The real reason for our report today is that we have recently become aware of its great Japanese architecture houses.

For a long time we had not seen pictures of modern works of this architecture. They are inspiring and very popular in every way.

Innovative and impressive

shigeru ban architecture house japanese architecture

Shortly to the Pritzker price

Did you know anything more about the Pritzker Prize? The founder of this high distinction in architecture is Jay A. Pritzker. His wish was to offer a prestigious prize in the field of architecture, as this has not been covered by the Nobel Awards. The price is sponsored by the hotel chain Hyatt. After the death of Jay Hyatt, the foundation and the prize are driven by his older son. Today it turns out that the expectations are well proven. This award promotes creativity in the field of architecture.

An architecture that fascinates

modern architecture shigeru ban modern building

The building of Shigeru-Ban and the Japanese architecture in general

Shigeru-Ban has been a part of Yuri for several years. This happened in the years between 2006 and 2009. He was born on 5 August 1957. 2014 he got the prize. According to the current Yuri, his work symbolizes the mission of Pritzker. But in our opinion, it also symbolizes the best of modern Japanese architecture. Because it manages to act in a very subtle way at the same time domestic and global. The second happens above all by the dominance of the so striking for today's architecture air element. The generous allowance of natural light and the modern technologies for its mastery make its Japanese architecture houses human and spiritually uplifted in a specific Far Eastern manner.

Architecture with gentle lines

japanese architecture house architecture modern

Especially modern building

shigeru ban architecture house modern architecture

Inspiring architecture

japanese architecture shigeru ban house contemporary

Everything is based on research

As so often happens in life, simple but at the same time seemingly random adventures are the result of profound explorations. Every building is examined very carefully in advance. Only this construction is considered to be innovative, which includes reused cardboard and cardboard.

The resulting works are set up very quickly

shigeru ban house modern architecture

A house from inside

modern architecture japanese architect shigeru ban

 In crisis regions, this is a very useful working model. Because you can build such buildings quickly and they are sustainable in every way. This is absolutely no coincidence. After all, catastrophic structures are very important in the long term and, according to forecasts, they will become more and more important over time. The good thing about the Shigeru-Ban architecture is that it is in harmony with nature. The architect uses this power and this is an essential transformation in Japanese and global modern architecture. For so far, this seemed to resist nature. Now one seeks to create stability and to live in harmony with nature.

Here you can see the house

shigeru ban house carton japanese architecture

 Teahouse architecture

teahouse shigeru ban architecture modern carton

These are not just works for "urgent" cases

Of great importance are the works of Shigeru-Ban, also regarding the development of Japanese interior design. For his works are by far not just about fast-to-build buildings in crisis areas. He makes many successful attempts, even under normal circumstances planned and created buildings for the user to make more comfortable and enjoyable.

A stylish architecture

japanese architecture modern architecture shigeru ban

Small but comfortable house

Japanese architecture house emergency modern architecture

In addition, Japanese interior design aesthetics and international achievements will benefit equally. The former is brought to a whole new, elevated level.

An absolute pictorial proof of this achievement is the joining of the wide, airy space with the concrete, sliding doors and the white inflated sail that forms the corner of Curtain Wall House

japanese architecture modern architecture famous architects

Other interesting characteristics

Much more can be said about the authors and their significance for architecture - inside and outside. That's why we just want to suggest some innovative aspects that make it worthwhile to read more.

First, he discovers the substitutability of paper and bamboo for Japanese architecture houses and interiors. Because a number of forms could be done equally well with both. So you can decide depending on the region, which solution would be more appropriate with regard to the resources of the region.

He is also one of the first to integrate typical residential elements in industrial construction. A service that was not immediately tolerated by the clients, but which is clearly friendly to the workers. He also takes in aspects of international and Japanese interior design from the last century. He proves that also the series-produced items could appear extremely interesting by a surprising application. Variety and soothing psychological and social effects. So we would praise his merit in one sentence.

The interior design in the style of Shigeru-Ban

shigeru ban interior design living room furnishings

Wall design in concrete optics

modern architecture interior design shigeru ban