A colored terrace carpet will refresh your balcony nicely

balcony small balcony carpet blue decoration

A colored terrace carpet stands for a cozy ambience


Do you want to spice up your balcony? The biggest pleasure for me Sunday morning is to drink a hot cup of coffee on the terrace. Alone, to sit undisturbed in the freshness, I enjoy. That is why it is very important to furnish the balcony in a stylish and above all comfortable way.

A prerequisite for the well-being effect outdoors is the terrace carpet. It creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere and reminds you that you are at home. And my house is my castle, right? Here I have prepared 40 pictures, which will hopefully help you with balcony setup.

Give your balcony more freshness and color

balcony carpet deco armchair terrace carpet

A terrace carpet should be directed to the surrounding design. Color must prevail on the terrace. Are we in agreement? For me, the more colorful the balcony rug is, the better I will feel. Succulent, rich colors should definitely be chosen. If you want, you can combine the upholstery of the sofa with the carpet. Also think about how you will clean the patio carpet. Most balcony rugs can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. For heavy soiling there are some models that can get into the washing machine if they are not too big. Check this when buying your balcony rug. Some carpet are made of polypropylene or polyester, which tolerate a heavy downpour. An unmistakable advantage of the balcony rugs is that you do not get cold feet. Being barefoot can be really refreshing. It’s best to think about what model would fit your patio. To complete the cozy ambience, integrate more plants with colored flowers. Choose also a rich lighting and in the end you will feel your terrace as a corner of paradise. I wish you a lot of fun with your terrace design!

Small colored terrace

balcony small balcony carpet deco ideas

Balcony carpet with animal pattern

roof terrace sofas lighting balcony tapestry

Roof terrace decorating ideas

roof terrace urban patio folding chairs folding table balcony tapestry

Romantic lighting

roof terrace urban patio rattan sofa balcony carpet

Urban patio

roof terrace urban patio sofa lighting balcony tapestry

Terrace design in pink

patio design ideas colored color plants balcony tapestry


patio design ideas colored plants patio carpet

Create several sitting areas

patio design ideas colored plants patio carpet throw pillow

Pink inspiration

patio design ideas colored pink inspiration plant patio carpet

Balcony design ideas

patio design ideas stylish outdoor carpet outdoor furniture

 Zig-zag pattern

patio design ideas decking carpet zig-zag pattern

Stylish outdoor furniture

patio design ideas outdoor carpet outdoor furniture decoration

Interior design ideas for the urban patio

patio design ideas urban roof garden plant terrace carpet

Patio design in Moroccan style

patio design moroccan style patio carpet table

Sunny porch

sunny terrace yellow color rattan furniture decking carpet

This patio carpet is cool

terrace design modern bench terrace carpet

Outdoor furniture made of rattan

terrace design modern urban terrace carpet sofa rattan furniture

Fresh ideas for outdoor decoration

terrace design modern urban terrace carpet animal pattern

Throw pillows on the floor look oriental

terrace design oriental balcony carpet throw pillow

White terrace with colored carpet

patio design patio balcony carpet

Plants on several levels

balcony tapestry patio balcony carpet colored garden furniture

Lighting ideas for a cozy ambience

patio design patio balcony carpet lounger

 Shades of beige and many green plants give this terrace a great look 

patio design patio balcony carpet rattan furniture

 The more colorful, the better

patio design patio colored juicy colors terraced carpet plant

Black and white stripes

  patio design patio small decking black and white

Other variant for roof terrace

patio design patio modern urban terrace carpet

Juicy green

patio design patio succulent color design terrace carpet green

Eat outside

patio design patio decking table

Pleasant atmosphere

patio design patio urban balcony carpet rattan furniture

Comfortable bench on the small balcony

patio design patio urban deco terrasse carpet

Contemporary terrace design

terrace design outdoor carpet geometric outdoor

Accents in gray

terrace design outdoor carpet outdoor deco ideas

Blue has a relaxing effect

patio design patio carpet sofa blue accents

vegetable kingdom

patio carpet decoys balcony plant

Folding chairs are very useful for outdoor use

patio carpet decoys balcony plant

Do you like lavender?

balcony tapestry deco ideas balcony plants folding chairs

The upholstery of the bench nicely combine with the balcony carpet

balcony carpet deco ideas balcony plants round table blue accents