Terrassen Ideen: how to create a summery oasis of well-being

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Even more ideas for decorating terraces


The terrace, although small, is not a matter of course. This is a luxury for many people in this world. For that reason, their setup would not just be something common. They would have to celebrate the opportunity to sit on a terrace again and again.

This is best done with the right terrace ideas. They can be found on the net and help you to find your own unique concepts for terrace design.

Terraces Ideas and Inspirational Examples

modern terraces ideas examples lounge furniture balcony plants

Once again we have selected some terrace ideas for you. We will present you these in combination with some practical tips.

Modern terrace design ideas

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The benefit is always the focus

The basis for every successful terrace design is the clear objective regarding the functions. Define exactly what you will use the terrace for. Distinguish between wishful thinking and reality. You may wish to have lunch there again and again, but what about when the room is not enough for such a thing? Would not it be better to have the meals indoors and choose those terrace ideas that would be suitable for a reading or coffee corner?

If you do it in practice, you're actually using the room much more effectively

Rattan furniture on the terrace is always a practical solution

modern terraces ideas furniture flooring wood

Lounge furniture for complete relaxation

Modern terraces deen rattan furniture set garden furniture

Choose the right materials

Here too a lot of orientation awareness is announced. Most of the wood is preferred. It looks elegant and upscale. But really modern is the combination of this with other materials, which may be combined in black and red. Apart from wood, metal is very often used for outdoor furniture.

Balcony furniture set made of wood

terraces ideas chic folding outdoor furniture throw pillow

Comfortable seats

In this context, look for terrace ideas that make sitting outdoors (or even lying down) particularly pleasant and appealing. After all, the quality on the terrace is what counts when you enjoy it on the terrace.

Sun loungers ensure your comfort in summer

modern terraces ideas lounge chair umbrella green lawn

The right dimensions

How well you find certain terrace ideas, you also assess whether they are suitable for your dimensions. Even the most beautiful pieces of furniture and decoration do not create a nice atmosphere when you feel like being squeezed in. Fill the room, but also make sure that the movement is easy. Folding furniture is often the best solution in this regard.

Find the right outdoor furniture and the right place for you

modern terraces ideas townhouse potted balcony furniture

A green oasis of well-being

sustainable architecture terrasses ideas examples wooden furniture wooden roofing

Terrace lighting

The right patio lighting must also be selected. It should also be adapted for use. Ambient lights are suitable if you like to have dinner with friends. But if you prefer to eat alone in the evening, then you would have to search a task lighting.

Solve the problem with a few chic wall lanterns

Modern roof terrace design garden furniture set terraces ideas

Terraces ideas for decoration

Much more often you design the terrace decoration with ideas that make them look like interiors. A typical idea that comes more from the living room is the accent wall.

Green accent wall

terrace design ideas lounge furniture relaxation corner shape

Furthermore, you could make the area cozier and more domestic through fabrics, drapes, rugs. The different sections can also be distinguished in this way also great.

Smart and abstract decorative items in use

modern terrace design fancy decor elegant outdoor furniture

Cosiness in a rustic style

Modern roof terrace shape wood furniture backyard

Minimalist garden furniture is the latest craze

Modern terrace design fancy armchair white black

Summer house with fascinating terrace

modern terraces ideas pictures examples designer lounge furniture wooden floor pool

Wooden construction with built-in bed

terraces ideas wood terrace fashion wood pergola bed

Create a charming dining area on the terrace

Modern terrace design ideas metal chairs red dining table

A dreamlike roof terrace, right?

roof terrace wood loungers red accents terraces ideas

Luxury outdoor ambience

terraces ideas terrace roofing wooden curtains lounge furniture

"Carpe Diem" - Enjoy relaxing moments in summer

terraces ideas examples fashion garden furniture set

Hanging basket chair with frame

terraces ideas examples wooden planks hanging chair balcony plants

Living room under the open sky

terraces ideas examples decking sliding door exterior design

Green balcony plants refresh the simple wooden furniture

terrace design ideas balcony plants wooden terrace

Terrace flooring made of wooden floorboards and artificial grass 

terraces ideas balcony plants lounge furniture wood floor artificial turf


Romantic summer evening


terraces ideas private cafe home coffee table wood townhouse view

Hanging plants on the small balcony

terraces ideas potted plants hanging plants balcony plants balcony furniture