Youth Room Decorating ideas that your kids will love

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Being a parent is not child’s play, but sometimes parents should think like children and look at the world through the eyes of children. When it comes to the youth room setup, the parents have to slip into the shoes of adolescents, so to put themselves in their situation and do not want to enforce their own opinion in any case.

Here are a few Youth room interior design ideas, that will help you to better understand the world of young people and to be able to imagine them more clearly.

If you are a parent of a child over 12 or 13 years old, you should consider the new preferences and needs of your offspring. At this age, children not only need a comfortable bed and enough space, but they need a space where they can express themselves freely. Help your child to highlight your preferences and activities. When setting up the youth room, the well-being of your child comes first and that should also be your priority.

 Setting up teenage rooms for siblings – a double challenge

youth room decorating ideas bedding for siblings

What should you watch out for when setting up the youth room?

– As already said, on the preferences and interests of your child

– The youth room furniture should be practical, possibly even space-saving and colorful.

– The color scheme should match the favorite colors of your child (not your own). Rosa is a typical girl’s color and the boys stand on blue. Yellow, green and red are neutral colors that can be used in both cases.

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– Do not forget that the youth room also serves as a bedroom, living, study and guest room and it should do all these functions.

– Creativity and new ideas play an important role and promote the imagination of adolescents. Give free space for any creative ideas of your teenager

The following pictures will be this Youth room interior design ideas best pose. A look at it will help you create a cozy space for your child. We wish you lots of fun and success!

Creating youth rooms – a collaboration between young people and parents

youth room decorating ideas bedding wall decor

Compact, space-saving furniture – the loft bed is also in demand in the youth room

youth room decorating ideas bedding wall paint yellow neutral beanbag

Minimalist, simple, orderly and practical, the parents imagine the youth room. But is this idea also valid for the children?

youth room decorating ideas bedding wall shelves desk yellow

Spacious youth room for two siblings in yellow shades

youth room set up ideas in yellow carpet swing

A stylish bedroom for a young lady

youth room decorating ideas wall decorating farbakzente

Modern interior design ideas for the girls room

youth room decorating idea girl room fashion stylish girlish

Design girl’s room – color ideas and popular patterns

youth room decorating ideas girl room

Learning corner with pin board for excerpts and photos from Teenage magazines

jugendzimmer furnishing ideas learning corner posters pictures pin board

A growing lady needs a fancy dressing table in her youth room

youth room decorate idea girl room dressing table with mirror

An idea that you could bring to a room with a high ceiling

youth room decorating ideas room in the room fashion loft bed

This idea is very clever and can be used both in the girls ‘room and in the boys’ room

youth room set up ideas bunk bed with study corner underneath

Wall design in the youth room with practical use

youth room furnishing ideas bed pin board world map

Make sure there is enough storage space in the youth room

youth room furnishing ideas boys room bed wardrobe

A practical and inexpensive sofa made of europallets

youth room furnishing ideas girl room bed made of europallets

An extra bed if a friend sleeps with your daughter

youth room furnishing ideas girl's bed for two

Children often make themselves comfortable on the ground, so a soft carpet is very important

  Ethno style in the apartment - tasteful interior designs

youth room furnishing ideas girl room color scheme

Wall stickers and tattoos are a hip idea that will freshen up the walls in the youth room

youth room furnishing ideas girl's room in purple and pink

Pop Art in the youth room

youth room decorating girl's room pop art minimalist swing

Loft bed with relaxation area underneath

youth room furnishing ideas girl's room practical colorful study corner

Create a cozy learning corner where your child will feel comfortable and will be happy to learn

youth room furnishing ideas with colors zebra pattern

Storage space for all textbooks

youth room furnishing ideas practically space-saving simple bookshelves

The small youth room requires an innovative and practical solution – here a folding bed in the closet

small youth room furnishing ideas folding bed reading corner desk

Blue and yellow is a successful color mixture

modern youth room set up ideas color scheme furniture

Blue polka dot pattern in the boys room

modern youth room set up boy room blue bedding carpet bin

Football is a big topic for the adolescent boys

set up ideas ideas beanbag football carpet football match

When it’s all about football

modern youth room set up boy room ball game fan

When brothers share a room

modern youth room furnishing ideas boy's room blue brothers

Youth room interior design ideas in style

youth room furnishing ideas boy's room blue brothers