70 Room setup Winter ideas – What makes the home cozy in winter?

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Quiet winter room decor

Winter can mean hard or beautiful contemplative time for you. You decide that yourself! It depends on your own attitude. Winter can bring a lot of peace and beauty to your ambience with its restrained, relaxing nuances. Many designers for room Amenities can be guided exactly by this attitude.

Here are the results that they achieve.

Room Ideas for the Winter – A chandelier gives the room a soft touch

decorating ideas ideas living room round carpet flower pattern throw wall mirror winterly

Room decor in a rustic style makes the room appear cozy in winter

rooms furnish ideas living room ideas rustic cozy

A fireplace brings warmth and coziness into the room

room decorating ideas cozy living room fireplace throw pillow

Urban glamor

Guided by the idea of ​​winter, you can experience incredible winter glamor. Take a valuable antique mirror. Also hang a shiny chandelier. Then enjoy the magnificent light and mirror effects that result as a result. Also position other objects in the room so that they can be seen through the mirror twice. This is how you spread their luster and beauty in the room.

Light and mirrors create beautiful effects in the living room

room furniture living room big mirror bright walls

The chandelier makes the small living room look chic

room furniture small living room chandelier long curtains mirror

Colored bedroom walls in pastel shades help to lend a bit of softness to the bedroom

room interior design bedroom colored wall design chandelier

Beautiful candlesticks and vintage furniture combine

Living room vintage side table carpet chandelier

Match candelabra and wall mirror in a stylish way

room furniture living room wall mirror flowers light effects

Through a mirror, you create several effects in the living room – It appears in this way, not only alive, but also spacious

room decorating ideas living room mirror plant carpet

Wall mirrors above the fireplace draws everyone’s attention

room furniture living room black wall paint white fireplace fireplace wall mirror

The details

In winter, nature is monotonous. In the interior design she finds a correspondence in the monochrome interior, which is also very bright and neutral. Gentle, elegant details come into their own in such an ambience. A vase or a lamp in light rose glass would appear particularly stylish. They would also contribute greatly to the glamor in the room.

  Interior design Ideas in the Art Deco style make the room appear more noble

Create a harmonious whole

room furniture living room modern comfortable beautiful chandelier

Rustic living rooms are cozy

bedroom set-ideas-living room-rustic leather chair-fancy sofas

Bedroom in neutral shades is well suited for the winter

room device-bedroom neutral shades-carpet-

Set colored accents in the neutral interior design

Living room pastel shades carpet throw pillow

Spice up the interior with pastel nuances

room furniture winterly carpet armchairs pastel nuances

TV in front of a black wall

The black accent wall fits great with a glamorous one room Amenities with urban character. She even turns it off. It is important that the matching items are in front of it. There is the ideal place for a TV and maybe a mirror.

Black accent wall with niches and fireplace

room decor ideas of living black accent wall white sofas

Fix the TV to the gray wall

room ideas ideas living room gray wall television open wall shelves

Achieve a balance through corresponding furniture

Black wall, vintage mirrors, pink lamps – is not it a bit too dark? No, if you want to achieve the feeling of harmony. That makes the ambience very comfortable. Balance can be achieved through corresponding pieces of furniture and other accents in the main colors. Position e.g. a black sofa opposite the black wall. Diagonal to the mirror could be placed a metal side table. Wood shades correspond wonderfully with glass lamps and vases in pink. Watch the examples below and you will find a number of other such duos.

Bring a fresh flair through the purple accents in the living room

bedroom set-ideas-living room design-ideas-light pink-accent wall sofa carpet

Accent wall in Pstellfarben will make the mood in the winter cheerful

room decor ideas pastel pink accent wall vintage coffee table

Combine harmony and coziness in one

room decor pastel shades cozy throw pillow cover

Create an appealing wintry interior design

room decor ideas rug round rattan armchair

Carefully choose the accessories around the wall mirror

room ideas black wall mirror accessories

The lighting

The lighting in a glamorous, urban room Amenities must be very special. She has to earn it, so to speak, to look around in the wonderful mirror. Traditional chandeliers may be a bit too big for the proportions of the room. You can also just hang lower than usual.

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The beautiful lighting fixtures not only throw light into the room, they also beautify it

room decor ideas bright purple accent wall chandelier beautiful side tables

Chic bedroom with beautiful chandelier

room decorating ideas living room bedroom fireplace chandelier

Neutral living room, which radiates comfort

room decor living room ideas wintery fireplace chandelier

The chandelier gives the living room more character

room set up ideas wintry mood living room chandelier stone wall

Even modern light installations, which include crystals and other similar elements, are suitable. Stringing with beautiful suspension lights look beautiful as well.

luxury carpets

The luxury vintage and retro rugs are another welcome element of the glamorous urban room design. They are especially common in reception rooms and living rooms.

Fresh living room also offers a nice stay at home in winter

bedroom set-ideas-living room-light pink-carpet-white-coffee table

A vintage carpet gives the room a unique charm

room decorating ideas dining room chandelier vintage carpet

Colored vintage carpet refreshes the living room in winter

room decor living room ideas winter mood vintage carpet

room decor living room ideas scandinavian rocking chair carpet


The luxury staircases are a highlight of the glamorous urban interior. If possible, they should be maximally integrated into the living environment. Through noble materials and shapes they demonstrate the level and the individual style of the homeowner.

interior design idea interior design ideas staircase illuminated recessed lighting

interior design idea ideas interior design ideas staircase fashion wood wall sconces

bedroom set-ideas-living room-fur carpet-corner sofa-wall clock

bedroom set-ideas-living room-make-cozy, light gray-wall

bedroom set-ideas-living room-gray-sofa-colored-akzente rosanunacen

bedroom set-ideas-living room-pastel nuances carpet runners-window

bedroom set-ideas-living room-black-leather-furniture-fur carpet-cozy

bedroom set-ideas-living room-style-cozy lamps

room device-ideas-living room-white-furniture-auropaletten-white-floor

room device-ideas-living room-white-sofa-gray-wall-plant

room facility-living room-gray-furniture-carpet-fireplace-light fixtures

room decorating ideas cozy carpet vintage chair plant

room decorating ideas rustic coffee table side table living room

furnish room ideas ideas Wohnnideen bedroom holzakzente cozy

room ideas ideas living room design ideas white carpet corner sofa side table

rooms furnish ideas living room fireplace table lamps candles cozy

room furniture cozy living room neutral colors

room furniture chandelier dining area design flowers floral pattern

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room furniture ideas of living ideas black furniture wood accents

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room furniture living room fireplace black floor tiles stylish

interior design ideas mirror surfaces unusual chandelier

room decor ideas winter wallpapers stripes pattern cozy

room furniture living room gray sofa white throw pillows

room furniture living room sofa white wintry mood

living room wall mirror chandelier fireplace cozy modern

room decorating ideas living room dark corner sofa round coffee table wall decoration

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