Table made of tree trunk – cool pieces of furniture inspired by nature

Table of log fireplace

Wooden tables from reused logs

Bringing accents into the room is a perfect way to provide more warmth and comfort in the room. Using tree trunks as furniture has gained extreme popularity in this season. There are different pieces that can be cut in a varied way.

The fact that you can contribute to a natural appearance without plants is great, right? So you experience the beauty of trees in the middle of your own home.

Table made of tree trunk

Table made of tree trunk stool

The rural tree trunk is really solid. I love how to attach wheels to this piece. This is obviously a very practical approach, although it is quite natural. The bark has been removed, but the corners are a bit rough and the color is super natural.

You will notice that this solution is super functional. The tree trunks are heavy so you can easily move them back and forth. You can make big chairs out of it and thus secure extra seats for the guests, who will probably come over again and again.

How great is the shape of the furniture displayed here! I think it’s great that the tree trunk not only shows a round shape, but that you also recognize the shape of the tree here. They have been executed in white and look gorgeous. But they have a polished look than the pieces with rough edges and natural shading. This would be a great addition to a beach style room.

Tables made of solid tree trunks

Table made of tree trunk tablecloths

This tree trunk has been carved legs, which also contributes to its light appearance and more agility. I love the airy and light character of the decoration here. The gray shapes show up very well on this tree trunk. This is mainly due to the muted gray background in the room. Is not that a great combination of warm and cool nuances?

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Noteworthy in the living room with gray color scheme

Table made of tree trunk coffee table living room

Horizontal tree trunk disks as table surfaces

Table made of tree trunk solid wood

Again, we experience a great airy and light appearance. But the table is perhaps a tone heavy! The thin metal legs give the normally chunky tree trunk a very light character. Now he looks perfectly gentle. But it must have been hard to fell this tree, do not you think?

Despite the similar feet one has to do here with a completely different piece. The bark has been removed, but the natural form and also the fractures have been preserved. Thus one achieved a much warmer and more rural character than in the last example. I could imagine these pieces perfectly in my room. That would bring a lot of benefits, including bringing in natural nuances, invigorating the modern space with natural touches.

Small side tables

vintage coffee table wood section table from tree trunk

Do you want to have a stool or side table with rural and modern features? This little piece here is the perfect mix of two elements that you do not normally see together. But if you do everything right, it works very well. And you know what’s great: we have to do in this case with a DIY project.

Rustic and cute

vintage style metal feet table from tree trunk

Vertical tree trunk disks as table surfaces

Lamps window living room table made of tree trunk

There will still be talk of wheels, but this time it is low coffee tables. By cutting the tree trunks vertically, you can gain more area. This is great for creating a large flat surface. Also note the upholstery pillows! Are not they fabulous?

Massive dining table

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wooden dining room table large table made of tree trunk

Take a very long tree and slice it from top to bottom. So you will create a unique, fabulous table. The colors, the knots and swirls will come into their own. They are all unique and cause demensprechend for a unique appearance. This is a great mix of minimalist and rural.

In the first part of the description of the next piece, I want to mention that we are dealing here with IKEA feet. It is quite strange and quite industrial in combination with a tree trunk as a table surface, right?

I like the juxtaposition of vanity, which has been made a bit rougher by putting an unprocessed wooden surface into use on the surface.

Table top made of solid wood

Table made of tree trunk wall mirror minimalist style

Personally, I have three logs in my garage waiting to be processed. I am now looking for sources of inspiration for their processing. Are you alike? Do you have more plans for DIY projects, or do you prefer to buy great, finished pieces?