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Inspirations of wooden wall art

Are you just looking for wood art? It’s me! There is something about the three-dimensionality of the pieces of wood that creates a deeper appearance. When the natural grain of the wood comes into its own, you can achieve a rural, contemporary and retro look.

When painted, this art can create a colorful modern mood and this will surely grab your attention.

Today I wanted to devote the variety that the wood offers. One can show through these many different options how to integrate such works at home. Let’s start with a bit of wall inspiration and then we’ll go over to the sources from which you can buy such works.

Sometimes just the best way to create art is to open oneself wholeheartedly to creative approaches. Enjoy the following pictures and ideas.

Wall decoration with wood

Wall decoration with wood wall design living room wall art ideas

Let’s look at the truth in the eyes. Wall art can be positively noticeable. This is especially true of the cases when one represents unusual forms. Below we see rounded, assymetric creations with the sunshine motif. The strips of wood mirrored the lines of the hanging lamps hanging over their heads. [according to DKOR Interiors]

Sometimes art can be really exciting. The wood art in the picture displayed next combines many small pieces and creates a world map in bright yellow below. The contrast between the vibrant shades and the warm wood is just perfect. [according to HSU McCullough]

The world map made of wood on the wall

wooden wall decoration world map wall art

Maybe it looks like the wooden boards on the wall below create an abstract wall art creation. But take a closer look. Actually, they are part of a larger hanging bed with wardrobe. There is nothing comparable to wall art that combines form and functionality. [according to Union Studio]

Massive wood panels

office home office wall decor wall art wood panels

Wall decoration with wood for sale

Wooden wall decoration ideas geometric modular

Are you ready to become Kreatuv? We end today’s post with some DIY project ideas. DS I tell you, if you wanted to take the matter in your hands. We start with the DIY wood mosaics from A Beautiful Mess. These were made of wood blocks and created some other key facilities. It is hard to believe that such an essential piece can only be created in a few steps.

Colorful tree rings

Tree rings bunch painted wall decoration wood

Remarkable living room

Squares living room dining table bench wall decoration with wood

Wall decoration with wood and DIY projects

mosaic wall art diy wall decor with wood

The first time I saw the fruit motifs below, they completely put my attention on. Somehow, the fact that the colored fruit still life appears on a “wooden plate”, seemed to me very exciting. It only takes a few wooden burners to recreate that look. All you need is a color of your choice. The aim is to keep the fruits simple and modern at the same time. [according to Azevedo Design Inc.]

Decorate baby room thematically

baby room crib white wood wall decoration apple pear wall decoration with wood

It is obvious that the material surrounding the chimney is veneer board. I can not guarantee that the blue and yellow wall art consists of wooden boards. However, this does not mean that you can not create your own version of it through the painted wooden boards. I’m certainly tempted to create this. [according to Strening Architects]

I saw a lot of wood lately. Not only is the wood often weathered, distressed and painted in different colors.

Tinker wooden wall design yourself

colorful texture DIY craft chair wall decor with wood

So how are you after this post: Would you rather buy wood art for the wall or create yourself? And what about your answer at the beginning?

Abstract art

wall design with wood wall art DIY art abstract wall decoration with wood

clothes hanger

wall design with wood wall art DIY art hanger

DIY project

wall design with wood wall art DIY art colorful texture

Various wood textures

wall decoration wall art DIY art interesting simple wall decoration with wood Wall Art and porcelain containers

wall decoration wall art DIY art porcelain vessels wall decor with wood

Hanger as wall decoration

  wall design with wood wall art DIY art hanger

Musical mood

wall decoration wall art DIY art musical wall decor with wood